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Britain’s oldest mum of triplets gave herself Botox injections before going into labour — to look at her best after the birth.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, glamorous granny Sharon Cutts, 55, told how she also treated herself to fresh hair extensions.

Sharon, who is a nurse, revealed: “I’ve been trained by a doctor to administer Botox. I gave myself a dose while I was staying in the maternity ward for 11 weeks.

“I only injected a little bit, because really you shouldn’t do it while you’re pregnant.

“I sneaked out to get my hair extensions changed too. It was important to me to look my best for when the babies were born.”

Thrilled Sharon and boyfriend Stuart Reynolds, who is 15 years her junior, have been celebrating the birth of sons Mason and Ryan, and daughter Lily.

She had spent £15,000 of loans on IVF to have a child with factory worker Stuart — who she met on a dating website.

Sharon, who already had four grown-up children, said: “I knew there was a possibility of multiple births because the doctor put four embryos in me, for a higher chance of conceiving.

“At the scan we were told there were three heartbeats. Stuart was shocked and I was in tears, crying with joy.

“The first thing I thought was: ‘Oh my God, how am I going to cope?”

Stuart said: “I was excited, and then bricking it. Now they’re here I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

The couple, from Boston Lincs, brought the babies home last week following their births on March 21.

They now face carrying out 24 feeds and 21 nappy changes a day.

The pregnancy was fraught with problems and Sharon had to spend 11 weeks in hospital to ensure the babies were delivered safely.

At one stage doctors advised her to consider aborting one of the babies due to the dangers of pregnancy at her age.

But she refused and the triplets were born by Caesarean section at Nottingham University Hospital. They each weighed between 4lbs and 5lbs.

Stuart admitted: “It was the most incredible and terrifying time of my life.”

When the couple met four years ago, childless Stuart wanted to start a family. But Sharon had started the menopause.

Her only option was IVF, where an egg is removed from another woman’s ovaries and fertilised with Stuart’s sperm in a lab.They then flew to Cyprus for a third procedure, which was a success.

Sharon, who is still married but separated from her husband of 24 years, said: “We got another loan out for £5,000 to try IVF again.

“We focused on Cyprus as they do IVF on people up to the age of 60.

“We chose an anonymous donor in July 2015 — we picked because of her likeness to me from the description.”

Stuart said: “When they said they were going to put four embryos in I thought: ‘hang on, that sounds like a lot.’

“They said the number would make it more likely to work, so we agreed.”

Incredibly, three embryos survived.After an overnight stay the city’s Jessop Hospital she was moved to Nottingham, where she stayed until the births. Sharon, who already had Emma, 26, Sam, 23, Charles, 21, and Amy, 19, and four grandkids admitted the prospect of the tots had drawn a mixed response from her family.

She said: “One of my sons said I was too old and that I’d get fat. And my mum, Pauline, who is 74, thought I was far too ancient to get pregnant.

“My daughters have come to see their new siblings and are over the moon.

“My granddaughter Elizabeth understood I was pregnant, but is too young to realise it was with her aunt and uncles.

“I don’t care that my babies are younger than my grandchildren — it means they’ve got lots of playmates.”

The couple do not worry about the price of bringing up triplets on top of the cost of the loans.

Sharon, a staff nurse at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, insisted: “We both have good, well-paid jobs and work hard, so plan to have the loans paid off in the next couple of years.

“I need to be fit and stay as well as I can which I will. I spent 11 years in the Navy and ran four marathons. I know how to look after myself.“I also have great family genes. My mum is 75 and healthy and my great-grandma lived until she was 100.

“I have longevity in my blood so there’s no reason why I won’t be around to meet their children.

“For all I know, Stuart could die before me because he smokes. But if I do go first I know the triplets are in safe hands, Stuart will look after them.”

She insisted: “I’ll keep up the Botox and getting my nails done.

“I want to look like Barbara Cartland when I’m in my 80s. “I’m not going to let myself look like a granny. I’m young at heart, I’ve never felt 55.

“Up until I conceived I was going weight training and doing body-building. I worked four night shifts a week on the ward and would spend the rest of the time down the gym.

“There was no time for an easy chair in front of the TV.

“I don’t feel any different with tiredness than I did with my other children.

“A friend said I’m an inspiration to her mates who are older. They can’t believe what I’ve achieved. I say don’t give up, just try.”

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See Photos: Kennedy Agyapong caught “pants down”



Documents available to prove the exact opposite of claims made by New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Assin Central Kennedy Agyapong on Oman Fm’s Boiling Point last Thursday, that Stelin Automotive and Trading Company in 2012 paid only GH¢ 10,000 to clear six (6) Toyota Hilux pick-up vehicles belonging to Mr Ibrahim Mahama’s Engineers & Planners.

“That Stelin Company, we will go after them… Ibrahim imported Hilux. When I talk they say it’s because he is richer than me that’s why I talk about him… Someone whose brother is President, and wants to be President again… this thing he did in 2012 I will talk”, Mr Kennedy Agyapong declared on Oman FM.

“Ibrahim brought in those six Hilux pickups. Do you know the duty Engineers and Planners paid? They paid 10,000 cedis.. I swear to God… I am not against Ibrahim, I am against Steling Company.. I want the customs officer to be interrogated”, he added.

But contrary to the claims made by the lawmaker, documents with receipts sighted showed Stelin Automotive and Trading Company paid GH¢10,424.16 for each of the Toyota Hilux Pick up and not GH¢ 10,000 for all the six (6).

It has been established that the vehicles with chassis numbers MROFR22G3C0679730, MROFR22G679726, MROFR22G679638, MROFR22G679533, MROFR22G679810 and MROFR22G67921 were all cleared at a total cost of GH¢62, 544.96 through Customs Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) Ecobank account.

It is unclear where the maverick lawmaker got his information from but checks at CEPS in Tema further revealed that the amount was paid in full before the vehicles were released to the clearing agent, Stelin Automotive, and Trading Company.

A CEPS official who spoke to on condition of strict anonymity said: “Checks on whether the appropriate duties of vehicles has been paid can be done through the use of Customs SMS code by texting the chassis numbers to the shortcode 1477”.

He revealed that any car whose duty has not been paid will be exposed by the system’s shortcode of 1477.

Though the lawmaker claimed during the political programme his allegations were against Stelin Automotive and Trading Company and not E&P or Ibrahim Mahama, an aide to the businessman in response said the NPP firebrand seems to be obsessed about Mr. Ibrahim Mahama.

“The attacks on Stelin Automotive and Trading Company appeared to be an indirect way of attacking Mr. Ibrahim Mahama because the cars were cleared on behalf of Engineers &Planners Limited”, he stated.

This is not the first time Mr Kennedy Agyapong is making allegations against Mr Ibrahim Mahama which eventually turned out to be false.

Last week, the outspoken lawmaker alleged ‘some impropriety’ in the part of Mr Ibrahim Mahama over the servicing of his cars at the Air Cargo section of the Kotoka International Airport.

Officials of NACOB who supervised the disembarking of the luxury vehicles disputed Mr Kennedy Agyapong’s version of events.

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