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Listening to Adom fm entertainment hall yesterday, I heard one prophet Emmanuel Gyamfi proclaiming doomsday for Ghana’s undisputed rapper Sarkodie and one of the finest actors in the country John Dumelo.

He stated that he had a vision from God and he clearly saw our loving God smash Sarkodie with his big hands because he is angry with our 2012 BET award winner for using his talents to pull crowd to the devil instead of him,the big man is pissed.
He further went on to say, if Sarkodie doesn’t change his evil ways in the next three weeks, calamity will befall him.

Don’t joke with God’s deadlines.
Anyway, he says there’s a key to redemption which is in his hands.
Enough of Sark, let’s move to what he said about J.Melo, he said quiet the same thing on salvation to the ”thick tall” guy.

Then suddenly, he dropped a bomb, saying, if Dumelo doesn’t turn to God, he will be involved in a very serious case, which will land him in prison and not even his hard-earned fame nor money can save him.
I wonder what’s happening in their bodies by now #SarkDum this is the revelation from God, your all loving father wants to kick your asses for being stubborn.

Well at least, so saith the ”Prophet of God” you and I were not there.
I am listening to ”Ask Dumelo” by Sarkodie and Dumelo, the living dead boys lol.
I run hide.

Okay let’s cut the joke.
I think it’s totally absurd,when people give their best to earn themselves some good reputation and you see stories like this seeking to get attention all in the name of what, ”God”!
I think this things has to be checked,it’s not the first time a spiritual doom has been cast on a celebrity and seriously unfair.

A high-profile form of causing fear and panic.
I believe there has to be a much more appropriate way of dealing with certain things.
You don’t speak anyhow,anywhere just because you want attention at the expense of someone.
Let’s learn what’s called respect because it’s always reciprocal.
If you don’t give it,you won’t have it.

Everyone is seeking attention nowadays and the extent they will go achieve that is just so unbelievable.

Will you be glad,if you just wake up one sweet morning only to see your whole life being placed under some deadline without being informed first ?
How would you feel ?

People are getting very wicked nowadays,because they want their names to go viral like it’s doing now,or the name of their churches,businesses,organizations and school’s etc to gain popularity,they will shoot at anything to get there.

Let’s at least try to be human beings sometimes.

Nana Kwame Buabeng - || Editor Xbitgh.Com || - || 2016 Best Blogger Nominee at Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards|| - || A student of life || - || Social Media Enthusiast||

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