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What This Man Can Do With A Few Glasses Of Water Will Leave You Speechless



Prague-based Petr Spantina is a master musician, but his instrument is not anything you’ve seen any other musician using before.

This man creates awesome symphonies with few glasses of water and wows the audience of his city with a beautiful performance.
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(source Clive Hodges)

Derrick Asare is an Editor for Xbitgh. He love Music, going to the movies, making friends, web designer, computer science major.

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Little girl is just 3 years old – her tiny voice is melting millions of hearts



Little girl is just 3 years old

Adorable 3-year-old Claire Ryann Crosby is the latest Youtube sensation.

Since it was posted on New Years Day, more than 2 million people have watched the video of the Utah toddler singing the Disney classic, “Part of Your World,” from every little girl’s favorite movie, “The Little Mermaid.”

The video was filmed by Claire’s dad, Dave Crosby, who works for a film company and writes music for commercials and movies, according to Salt Lake City’s news channel KSL.

“A few months ago, I was paying for an oil change, and when I turned around [Claire] was singing “Little Mermaid” in the lobby while everyone had their phones out recording her,” Dave said in an interview with KSL.

Watch out for more videos of Claire. According to her dad, she’s “dying to record ‘Let it Go.’”

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