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Do you want to look gorgeous on every occasion? Try out these modern Ankara styles! (PHOTOS)



If you want to look stunning under any circumstances, this article is definitely for you! Here, you will read about all the amazing and simple Ankara styles that you can try yourself in 2018. Read about the bright-coloured and captivating Ankara styles for ladies and make everyone fascinated with your style.

Every year fashion industry introduces new designs and styles for men and ladies. Fashion designers work hard to create something that would suit everyone of different age and body type.

Nowadays, there are a lot of trendy clothes and original fabrics that could be good for everyone and be a significant part of every person’s wardrobe. All the latest styles are different, but they have an important place in the world of African trends. Nigerian designers try their best to bring some native culture into their designs.

Ankara styles never go out of fashion: every year, the Nigerian and African fashion designers surprise us with new trends that involve Ankara fabrics. Here, you can read about different Ankara styles that can be relevant for ladies in 2018 and perhaps you will want to try some of these clothes yourself.

Ankara fabrics can be combined with the other ones, and there are no two designs that will look the same. With these fabrics, you can create bright and memorable looks for holidays, meetings with friends, dates, official events and many other occasions. In the past year, the Ankara fashion has become even more diverse and beautiful. Among the things that are now latest trends, you can find geometric patterns, floral ornaments, and unique colour combinations. When you look at Ankara clothing, you definitely know for sure it is made in Africa: these fabrics preserve the native spirit like nothing else.

You can pick a suitable Ankara gown regardless of your body shape. There is a wide range of dresses that can be worn for various occasions. Besides, there are no boundaries of creativity when you wear Ankara dresses: you can add different accessories, wear them with trousers or leggings, put on either formal shoes or casual footwear.

The dresses made of Ankara fabric can be of different length, depending on your personal preferences. They can be short, long, and below-the-knee. Sometimes the dresses are also asymmetric, which is a new creative discovery by African designers. This means that the front of a dress is short but it is longer in the back. Usually, this type of dress is good for you when you want to show off your legs.

Short Ankara dresses are perfect for those women who want to flaunt their beautiful figure. Sometimes they come with a cape, which is meant to cover shoulders. With the short Ankara dress, you will catch everyone’s eye and be noticeable from afar.

As for the Ankara long gown styles, they are no less attractive than the short ones. They are the best for those women who do not wish to draw much attention to themselves or would like to hide some figure flaws. Ankara styles are the best when you need to draw attention away from your imperfections. Also, long gowns are very suitable for pregnant women and are a huge part of their wardrobe.

Except for gowns, you can create simple and unique styles using Ankara blouse and skirt. Thanks to the wide range of color and style choices, everyone can come up with an absolutely unique combination of blouse and skirt. Every day, you can use new tops and blouses with a skirt, and your looks will be entirely different. You can also wear matching combinations of blouses and skirts. One of the most popular types of blouses is a peplum blouse, which is widely popular among African women.

As for the skirts, they can be pencil and or free skirts, depending on body type and occasion.

The latest trends of Ankara fabrics surely look gorgeous on every woman. Ankara patterns are ageless and they will always be a relevant part of African  fashion.

Choose your perfect Ankara look and be a star!

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