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Police beef up security in Tamale Police beef up security in Tamale


Unconfirmed: Police Patrol Team Murder Teenager In Cold, Blood (WARNING Gory Photos)




Ghana Police ServiceThe gruesome murder is reported of a teenager who was shot by a patrol team of the Ghana Police Service.Hakeem Abubakar, was on the 8th of August, 2014, murdered in cold blood after the police patrol team claimed Hakeem and a friend (Hamza) had snatched a bag from a lady.It appears the Police Service have been economical with the truth and it is on this note that the family of the late Hakeem Abubakar have petitioned them to be circumspect and release details surrounding the murder of their beloved son.

Below is a copy of the petition lawyers for the family sent to the Police Service

11th August, 2014
The Director-General,
Police Intelligence & Professional Standards Bureau,
National Police Headquarters (Annex),
P.O. Box 116, Asylum Down,

Dear Sir,


We write for and on behalf of MR. ABUBAKAR SALU, our client, of Newtown, Timber Market, Accra and father of the late Hakeem Abubakar.

We are informed that on Friday, the 8th day of August, 2014, in the night, (we are not sure of the exact time), our client’s son, Hakeem Abubakar, and his friend, known as Hamza, were riding a motor cycle and stopped around the Kaokudi junction near Accra Girls Senior High School when they were arrested by a Police Patrol Team after a warning shot.

The two boys were asked to lie down and as they did so they were assaulted and in the process Hakeem Abubakar was shot when he was lying down. These boys, we are informed, showed no resistances
whatsoever to the Police but Hakeem was shot in cold blood.

The other boy known to as Hamza was put into the Patrol vehicle with the motor cycle and driven to the Kotobaabi Police Station and is still in detention. The following day, Saturday, our client while looking for his son spotted the motor cycle at the Kotobaabi Police Station and on enquiries was informed by the Police that the boys had snatched some lady’s bag but one of them had ran away ,and only Hamza was arrested.


When our client spoke to Hamza, he informed him that Hakeem was shot and described and directed him to the spot where the incident took place. Our client went to the spot with his other son and when they went there they saw blood stains on the grass where he was shot but did not see the body of Hakeem.Hakeem’s body was later traced to the Police Hospital Mortuary on Monday where our client identified the body as his son, Hakeem.
The mortuary attendant informed our dient that the body was brought to the mortuary on the night of Friday, the 8th day of August, 2014 by one Police lnspector S. Baidoo whose mobile number is 0249949022.

Attached is the photocopy of a green card, Ghana Police Hospital Corpse Identification Tag No. 0062463 received from the mortuary attendant.

Other information gathered by our client is the registration number of the suspected Patrol Vehicle is GP 3656, one of Police Patrol Team is called Evans who is suspected to have shot Hakeem. The Police Investigator at Kotobaabi is one Dan.Our client was again informed by the Kotobaabi Police on Monday that Hamza’s friend, who is Hakeem, had ran away but our client has indentified his son’s body at the Police Hospital Mortuary.In the premises supra, our client Petitions your Office as a matter of urgency to investigate the death of his son, Hakeem Abubakar, particularly to visit the scene of the incident and see the blood stains on the grass and flowers.

We accordingly Petition your Office to act expeditiously for the truth to be revealed.

Your maximum co-operation is solicited.
Hanson Law Consult



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