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This could be the most bizarre wedding ever.

Two hairless cats have ‘tied the knot’ for a very heartbreaking reason.

Smitten kittens Christie and Lily wed in a pub beer garden in St Helens, Merseyside, at a ceremony with a difference.

Drinkers watched the unusual nuptials at The Windle pub and after days of preparation the the ‘couple’ married to raise money for five-year-old Kaycee Turner who suffers from a rare brain condition called Batten’s disease.

Owenr Marialaina Ashcroft, who is known as ‘crazy cat lady, as she has eight moggies, arranged the event and even gave her beloved pets away on their big day.

Marialaine with her beloved cats (Image: Liverpool Echo)

Marialaina told the Liverpool Echo : “Everyone in our community is aware of Kaycee’s condition and I just wanted to do something to help.”

She approached her local “pet friendly pub“ when she had the idea and they helped organise the whole thing to give the happy couple the wedding they deserve.

She said “My boyfriend and I would often take Christie to the pub with us and everyone adores him. He goes with me a lot of the time when I go out.”

Marialaine added: “I have two Sphynx and six moggys and I adore every single one of them.

Here’s the happy bride and groom (Image: Liverpool Echo)
Marialaina with the bride and groom (Image: Liverpool Echo)

“Christie has the most character. He’s a naughty boy, he torments them all but he makes me laugh out loud every single day, he makes me so happy.”

“My two sphynx’s always get loads of attention when I take them out in their pram. I’m interested in photography and I’m always taking funny videos of them.”

Marialaina says her friends are always commenting on her love for her pets and have praised her for putting her own unique spin on traditional fundraising.

The wedding was organised to support five-year-old Kaycee, who travels with her family every two weeks to Great Ormond Street Hospital in order for her to receive enzyme treatment that could prolong her life.

Marialaina said: “I didn’t raise as much money as I had hope but the look on Kaycee’s face when she saw the cats dressed up was completely worth it all.

“I’m glad they brought her as much joy as they bring me.”

Kaycee, from Sutton in St Helens, is no longer able to talk due to the condition and is currently undergoing enzyme treatment at Great Ormond Street hospital to increase her life expectancy.

Her family are currently travelling to London every two weeks for her to receive her treatment and the community have come together to help the family afford the trips.

Marialaina is known as the ‘crazy cat lady’ (Image: Liverpool Echo)
Christie looks delighted to be getting married (Image: Liverpool Echo)

Marialaina said: “The Windle pub graciously let me use their back garden to host the wedding and we had face painters there to turn everyone into cats for the day.

“I just wanted to do something fun and a little bit different for Kaycee. She’s a wonderful little girl and she deserves all the help in the world.”

Although Kaycee could not attend the entire day, she was able to make an appearance at the reception.

Marialaina said: “Her face was a picture and although we only raised £100, it was worth it to see that smile when she walked in.

“I would like to keep doing stuff to help raise funds for the family so any weird or wonderful ideas would be appreciated.”

You can find the JustGiving page for Kaycee here .

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A judge as ruled that a group of people who secretly shot a porn film inside a church did not do anything criminal.

The pornographic film was shot inside the St Joseph Church in the Southern Dutch city of Tilburg earlier this year.

In the racy film, the church and the confession chair were used to secretly shoot some very saucy scenes.

The couple also shot some porn scenes at other locations in the city, including a shopping centre elevator and a parking garage.

The rude movie was published on a porn website owned by Dutch porn star Kim Holland, who later took it offline and apologised to the church.

The church was used as one of the central places in the film (Image: CEN)

The public prosecutor in the nearby city of Breda has now decided that the criminal complaint made by the church board will be dismissed.

According to local media, chief public prosecutor Charles van der Voort explained to pastor Jan van Noorwegen and vice chairman Harrie de Swart of the church board in a personal talk last month that it was impossible to prosecute anyone in the case.

A spokeswoman from the public prosecutor’s office said: “While the recording is very offensive and shows little respect, there is no punishable offence.”

Saucy scenes were filmed across the city (Image: CEN)
Various parts of the church could be seen in the film (Image: CEN)

The spokeswoman noted that the prosecutors looked for jurisprudence of similar legal cases but could not find anything.

As blasphemy is no longer an offence and there was no question of unlawful entry into the church, no charge could be found to prosecute the makers and actors of the porn film.

Pastor Van Noorwegen said he was disappointed with the decision by the prosecutors.

The pastor said: “Of course I am not happy with this. Do we agree that the craziest things can happen in public buildings?

There were some very racy scenes in the film (Image: CEN)

“Imagine. Be it inside a church, in the city hall or in a restaurant, apparently all is allowed.”

The St Joseph church was spiritually cleansed in a special church service after the sex incident as the pastor asked God for forgiveness for the desecration of the premises.

Local media reported that besides the pastor and the church board, many parishioners as well as the diocese are still outraged because of the sex film.

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