Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Ghana

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Ghana

Check-out the list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Ghana. You might be surprised to learn which jobs in Ghana pay the most.

1. Fuel Handler

Average Monthly Salary- Ghc12,000

Here it is, the best way to make the big bucks in Ghana. There aren’t a lot of vacancies in this position because the job pays well and requires effort. If you hate IT jobs, marketing jobs, and office jobs but love being out in the elements, here you go. Fuel handlers ensure that aircraft and other vessels are properly fueled. Extreme accuracy and caution needs to be used in filling aircraft because of the distances traveled and the weight. Fuel handlers usually have to undergo a set amount of training before they can be certified.

One downside to this job are the headaches you’ll experience from the smell of fuel all day — that and when the weather turns vicious.

2. Transportation/Shipping Supervisor

Average Monthly Salary – 10,000 GHS

This is one of the many office jobs in Accra that has seen an incredible rise in employment the last decade. Transportation/shipping supervisors oversee the logs of all merchandise shipped and received from a company. They also maintain schedules, communicate with customers, and, in some cases, plan routes.

If you’re good with complex problem solving, record keeping, and communicate with angry people, you’ve found your niche.

3. Account Manager

Average Monthly Salary – 6,500 GHS

Many companies have many accounts with customers, contractors, and other businesses. As an account manager, it’s your job to take this marketing job and keep the relations between your company and its customers on good terms. It’s also your job to find ways to increase the number of accounts your company has.

This is the type of job for someone who felt as though they wanted to be a police negotiator, but realized they only wanted half the stress.

4. Project Manager

Average Monthy Salary – 6,000 GHS

Consider this one of the many marketing jobs you can do. As a project manager, it’s your job to take abstract ideas and concepts, and form executable plans from them. From there, you send them to the operations managers, who oversee the process below. Project managing positions are one of the fasting growing jobs in Ghana, too.

In this position, you’ll have to accept failure as part of the process. Otherwise, you’ll suffer from a mental breakdown.

5. College Professor

Average Monthly Salary – 5,500 GHS

If you are smart, aren’t getting a job and also lack the entrepreneurial drive, do not look far. Just continue schooling, get your MPHIL, start teaching and school your way to be a lecturer at a University. I know it sounds like a lot of work but after your MPHIL, you’d start earning something to continue the Phd etc so do not worry.  It comes with respect and pays well too.

6. Operations Manager

Average Monthly Salary – 4,200 GHS

Congratulations — if you’re working at an operations manager you’ve climbed the ladder. No, you’re not at the top, but there are few above you. You’re overseeing the production of your products or services, and you’re making sure everything is completed correctly. Sometimes, you’ll change the workflow pattern to improve efficiency and cut costs.

One thing you will not do is sleep if a run of product goes out that upsets the public. The executive will make sure of it. Regardless, it pays well.

7. Business Analyst

Average Monthly Salary – 2,200 GHS

If you’re good at many things, but especially communication, here you go. Business analysts rarely have one strong job description, although they generally fall under the description of IT jobs. Their main objective is to be a communicator between the executives and administrators and the staff. Sometimes business analysts represent the company in public speaking gigs, sometimes they negotiate prices, and sometimes they oversee projects.

If you hate consistency in your daily life, consider this field.

8. Sales Representative

Average Monthly Salary – 1,200 GHS

If you want to earn just as much as a human resources manager and deal with people but want to more fluidity to your work, consider becoming a sales representative. In this position, your main duty is to sell product. Use your charm, your knowledge, and your intelligence to sell your company’s products to customers and businesses.

This is not a good position for you if you don’t handle stress well.

9. Human Resources Manager

Average Monthly Salary – 1,400 GHS

If you like dealing with people and filling vacancies, then consider a job in human resources. In this position, you manage all of the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of employees. You also meet with the executives to make sure you understand what the company wants and where it’s headed.

Unfortunately, you also have to handle a lot of disgruntled employees if they blow a fuse or feel disrespected.

10. Accountant

Average Annual Salary – 850 GHS

If you like numbers, spreadsheets, office chairs, and double checking math, and office jobs, this is the career for you. The main duties of accountants are to prepare and examine all the financial documents, check for errors and discrepancies, and make sure the taxes are paid for the company.

One perk of the job is that you know what everyone makes at the company. It’s also a downside because you have to keep it a secret.

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