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Shatta Wale was heavily mocked by Ghanaians caught for a fashion slip in his ‘Bie Gya’ video, when he wore an Adidas hoodie with the Adidas written as “Adldas’. He later defended the wear as a conscious choice he made to create publicity for his video.

It turns out he isn’t the only one who has that type of ‘Adldas’ wear. Tiwa Savage, who incidentally turns out to be the star currently mired in a marriage controversy apparently donned the same fake adidas wear in a picture. She can be seen standing over a crib, most likely lovingly admiring her son, Jamil Balogun.

Check out Shatta Wale and Tiwa Savage’s adldas attire…shatta tiwa

shatta tiwa

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Lady in Shatta Wale’s BlowJob Exposed – See Photos



it was alleged Shatta Wale is one of the guys in the video.

But how did the video leak? Well, Shatta Wale himself posted it on his Snapchat! Abnormal right? But sadly very true. He posted it himself.

Interestingly, he deleted the snap few minutes after but it had already been recorded by some folks and it quickly went viral.

And as usual, Shatta Wale was on his snap after he deleted video throwing jabs at bloggers. Almost every celebrity who messes up in Ghana finds it comfortable blaming bloggers. Shatta Wale claims bloggers recorded it and are spreading to disgrace him. Meanwhile, he posted it himself.

Funny enough, Natty Lee Gh, a fan and a friend of Shatta Wale was on Facebook stating that the person in the video is him and not Shatta Wale. He gave some funny reasons as to how his video got on Wale’s snap.

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