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iOS 9 has just been released. Many ofthe big features have already been announced — but there are little, similarly useful ones hiding out in theoperating system too.

Unlike Google’s similar tools, the app doesn’t decide what’s a selfie or a screenshot by actually looking at the pictures. Instead, it just sees how the images were taken, putting ones from the front camera in the selfie folder and screenshots into their relevant one.Sex trackingApple announced to big fanfare at its event that it had added some new ways of tracking things about your body in its Health app. But it didn’t mentionthe sexual intercourse option, which lets you track exactly how often you have sex and when.

Music pop-upThe new update brings a range of “proactive” features, meant to guess what you’re wanting to do before youactually do it. One of the minor ways it does that is watching to see what music app you use, and then bringingit up in the bottom left hand corner when you plug your headphones in. That way, you can just swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen and go straight into your music app.(Apple did actually show this off in its announcement, but in passing.)Back to app buttonIf you click on a link within one app, so that you’re taken through to another, a little button will appear in the top left hand corner so that you can find your way back again. You can just tap at the top to head back towherever you came from.This can sometimes be slightly annoying, since it gets in the way of the signal bar. But it’s worth the trade-off.New things in “Today”The little view that comes down if youswipe from the top — which also includes Notifications — has always been only slightly useful. But it’s got alittle bit more useful with new updates in iOS 9.Those include a new widget that can be used to show the battery on your phone and any compatible accessories that are attached, like headphones or a Watch. And it also has a Find Friends tool, which lets you see where people are by just dragging it down.Draw on picturesIf you need to point something out in a photo that you’re sending, you can click and hold it and select the “Markup” option. That will give you a set of tools for drawing on the picture so that you can highlight anything you need to.

Similarly, the Notes app has a new tool that lets you draw straight in — allowing you to send handwritten messages and jot down doodles.Request desktop site shortcutThis is a little used but very helpful way of making lots of websites work properly: since lots of mobile sites can be lacking functionality, you can ask the phone to instead request the version for desktop. Now it’s a lot easier — click and hold on the refresh button and then a little menu will appear at the bottom.Turn off shake to undoThis might sometimes be useful for getting some deleted text back, for instance. But it’s far more often triggered by accident, bringing up a pop-up that gets in your way. Now you can turn it off in settings, and thealert won’t show.iCloud Drive appApple hasn’t made much of iCloud Drive — its attempt (sort of) to take on Dropbox. It’s been launched so quietly that the app is actually hidden, and has to be turned on fromthe Settings.Once it is, you can use it to get files from iCloud itself, as well as Dropboxand other locations, and attach them to emails — even if the phone itself can’t do anything with them.Settings searchApple’s added a little search bar at the top of the Settings app, meaning that you can just type in whatever you’re looking for. It can sometimes be difficult to find specific things in the app (which tend to be grouped under very general settings like “Sounds”, and are in a big list) and this avoids searching through.Your iPad keyboard is also a trackpadPutting two fingers anywhere on the keyboard and then dragging around makes it work something like a laptop’s trackpad — just drag aroundto move through text, so that you caneasily find a specific part.

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Photos :Check Out The Luxurious Limouzine That Moves Both On Land And Sea.



A new vehicle which is a combination of luxury and awesomeness has been designed.

What makes this vehicle awesome is the fact that it can move on both water and land. It’s a limousine when it moves on land and a Yacht on water. It is called Tender 33, the amphibious limousine by Nouvoyage and it costs approximately ($2 million).

The limousine is a spectacular 33 foot-long vehicle with the capacity to carry 12 passengers, 2 crew members and wheelchair access.

The Nouvoyage Tender 33 limousine can reach a top speed of 84 mph on land and 28 knots on water. It also has a controlled temperature cabin and toilet on board, this stunning limousine becomes the perfect vessel for those who wish to travel in style while their yacht is anchored at sea, away from the dock.

The limousine is one of the most exclusive amphibious vehicles in today´s market.

See more photo below:

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