Actress Nikki Samonas has been ranting on social media cautioning fraudsters to desist from using her pictures to scam people. believes her rant might be subliminal shots at rapper Medikal.

Medikal threatened to expose the actress for her Momo slay queen movement when the actress harmlessly commented on the Medikal and Strongman beef.

The rapper has been accused countless times of being a fraudster. The latest of this accusation was from rapper Strongman.

Let’s take a look at what Nikki wrote;

Fraud boys its ok ooo. Haaba! Stop using my image oo. I’m tired of you people. You want to tarnish my reputation. Aboa 3nkyi wo 3nwi basaaa.Aboa dwan, odwan m3333. Build sane…kwashia sane n3. Opete kwaa kwaa dobi. Remove yourself from Facebook.