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I am ready to debate Akufo-Addo - Akua Donkor I am ready to debate Akufo-Addo - Akua Donkor


Stop Bleaching If You Want To Be Married!–Akua Donkor To Ghanaian Women



Akua Donkor invokes curses

Bleaching in our part of the world is very common even though the consequences are clear in the eyes of everyone. With the influx of body bleaching creams in this country, you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that bleaching of the skin is a lifestyle for some African women.

There have been uncountable awareness campaigns to enlighten people especially, women on the negative effects of skin bleaching but yet it seems not to be going into the ears of most women. They feel special and unique when they see their bleached skin without realizing the damage being caused to their bodies.

Madam Akua Donkor, the founder and leader of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) has descended heavily on Ghanaian women with bleached skins saying, they have turned into ‘tigers’ as a result of their bleached skins.

According to Akua Donkor, African women should just be proud of what God has given to them and stop imitating what God has given to others. She stressed that African women should always look natural as God created them.

“God would be happy if women appreciate what they have”. She said.

“In the past, other race even appreciated the hairdo of Africans. Women hair was very beautiful and appreciable, but today, they all want to be like the Europeans. How can it be possible? She questioned.

She also lambasted women who have made skin bleaching their daily routine or habit by saying, “It doesn’t please God”. She fumed!

Now almost every Ghanaian woman is grossly involved either in making of long fingernails or applying makeup on their face of which Akua Donkor has boldly condemned.

“Most ladies of today wear fake nails as if they are ‘tigers’. Human beings have turned into tigers”, she added.

She advised young Ghanaian ladies to stay away from bleaching and look natural if they really want to be married.

Derrick Asare is an Editor for Xbitgh. He love Music, going to the movies, making friends, web designer, computer science major.

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$600 Million found by farmer, gives it to police.



The news that a Colombian farmer finds $600,000,000 in drug money buried on his farm has created a modern day “Gold Rush” as people are now flocking to the Colombian countryside with echo sounders and all kinds of scanning equipment, searching for more of Pablo Escobar’s hidden money pits.

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria (December 1, 1949 – December 2, 1993) was a notorious Colombian drug lord who at the height of his career, supplied about 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the US.
Known as “The King of Cocaine”, he was the wealthiest criminal in history, with an estimated known net worth of US$30 billion by the early 1990s, and approximately US$50 billion when including money that was buried in different areas of Colombia.

At the height of its power, Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel was smuggling fifteen tons of cocaine (worth more than half a billion dollars) into the United States every single day.
He made so much money that he had to spend $1000 per week purchasing rubber bands to wrap the stacks of cash.

Pablo had so much money that he could not possibly spend it all. He had over 800 luxury mansions all over Colombia, owned football teams, he gave away billions of dollars to help build hospital’s, schools, work programs and even rebuilt entire ghettos for the poverty stricken people of Colombia.

Even with all that going on, he still had too much cash to hide. So he started to bury it all over Colombia. The location of each money pit was known by only Pablo and his three closest associates.

When Pablo was finally killed, the location of many of these money pits died with him. The CIA estimates there to be about 100 of these money pits that have yet to be discovered, each containing between five hundred million to one billion dollars.

Fast forward to today. Meet Jose Mariena Cartolos, a 65 year old farmer who recently received a $3000 grant from the Colombian government to help him start a palm oil plantation on land that has been in his family for over 200 years.

While digging the irrigation trench for the plantation, Jose discovered something big beneath his feet. After further excavation, Jose discovered several large blue containers with something incredible inside.

Money, not just a few hundred dollars, not even a million dollars, heck not even 100 million dollars. This 65 year old farmer with nothing but the shirt on his back had managed to find one of Pablo Escobar’s money pit’s containing a whopping $600,000,000. Yup thats right, six hundred million dollars.

Its not clear what will happen to the money now, but many speculate that Jose Mariena Cartolos will not be allowed to keep the money, but it will most likely remain in Colombia and be used to fund social and economical programs that help those in poverty. (via breakingnewsinternational) Watch the video below:

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