Stonebwoy has come far for someone whom many critics consider a bit physically challenged.

Stonebwoy canceled a recent show he was to grace because of the problem he faced with his legs.

In a recent interview, he spoke about an accident he had when he was just 13 years that killed his twin brother and damaged his leg.

“It definitely hasn’t been an easy journey. It’s been very, very tough. I am just so happy that I never gave up and I followed by gut instinct. It was very hard, not listening to any negative influences but listening and paying attention to the positive and well-constructed criticism to get where I am. ”

He revealed;

Personally, growing up I had to deal with a big challenge after suffering a big injury in a car accident. At the age of 13, I had to deal with that and I had to deal with that problem the whole time I was an underground artist.

He added;

The whole time I was up and down the country trying to be an artist, an underground hit, I had a big challenge. A big mobility challenge. It was a big impediment to me but I never gave up. I was walking with a right leg stiff because of the multiple surgeries for years up until 2016 when I had the final surgery which gave me a total knee replacement. So, since 2003 I’ve been living with this problem with my leg.”

He further added;

“But I was still walking from studio to studio, traveling the world. There was a lot of fight, a lot of struggles but I kept pushing and never looked back. Sometimes you hurt so much you have no option but to keep fighting. I’m still dealing with that fight as we speak. It’s actually been my inspiration. To keep pushing and to show people that anything is possible.”