Friday , February 28 2020

Snapchat Pr0stitute Queen Farcadi is getting married Today (video)

Queen Farcadi has surprise, everyone, as she is set to get married today, we are shocked and are wondering who on earth will wed a professional prostitute.

Farcardi has been storming her page with video and pictures from the upcoming event which is said to be strictly by invitation.

Farcadi has appointed her Gay best friend, Jay to be her bridesmaid and just an hour before the wedding, the two have bee spotted smoking and boozing.

According to Jay, the Gay bestie of Farcadi, the event is private because the man Farcadi is marring is a married man

He was even surprised because his prostitute best friend is getting married.

Farcadi has shown she also loves the man who is about to wed her by tattooing his name on her fingers.

The name of the man has been revealed as Frimpong and according to Farcadi, she is in love with him because the Frimpong made her sit on hot water 3 days straight after they had sex for the first time.

We are monitoring the wedding from afar and will alert our readers of any developments.

watch the video below.

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