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I slept with my step mother the day Ebony died – Boy confesses I slept with my step mother the day Ebony died – Boy confesses


I slept with my step mother the day Ebony died – Boy confesses



A 43-year-old man, Yaw Atta and his son, Kwame Tawiah, are currently recovering from machete wounds at the Sefwi Juaboso Government Hospital after butchering each other in a fight over a woman.

The incident happened at Dedemude, a village in Juaboso District in the Western Region.

The struggle between father and son started when the father accused the 20-year-old son of bonking his step mother, Akosua Asantewaa.

The father told Adom FM’s Joshua Kulenu that the son has been doing this for the past two years and had no intention of stopping despite warnings from him to put an end to the forbidden act.

The tension between father and son over wife and step mother, respectively, reached a crescendo this week when the dad carried out his threat to kill the son and attacked the son with a machete.

“My dad raised the machete with the intention of chopping off my head but I blocked it with my hand, my hand was almost chopped off but I managed to seize the machete and also attacked him…,” Tawiah said on Adom FM.

Yaw Atta sustained injuries to the neck and the head after the attack.

The two are currently receiving treatment at the Sefwi Juaboso Government Hospital.

Two years of bonking

Speaking on Adom FM’s Evening News on Thursday, Yaw Atta claimed that the son has been sleeping with the wife for two consecutive years now.

He claimed he sought spiritual help after which he cautioned the son of the consequences of the amorous act but he refused to heed his warning and still continued to bonk her.

Kwame Tawiah when reached on phone confirmed that he had been having an affair with the step mum but claimed it was not as frequent as the Dad claimed.

“The day Ebony died was when I had sex with her and that has not happened again…I don’t know what came over me that day”, he said.

He was thus shocked that the father will claim that he was in the habit of bonking his step-mum.

The mum, 30-year-old Akosua Asantewaa has disputed the boy’s claims, saying she had had an affair with the stepson for a week.

“I was lying on my bed on the day Ebony died when Tawiah came into the room and forced himself on me, he kissed me and that is all I can remember…we have since then been having sex for a week,” she said.

The woman who claimed she and her family had compensated the man since then added: “I don’t know what came over and caused me to have sex with Tawiah.”

The mother of five claimed the work rate of the father and son in bed were at pal.

Interestingly, she could not confirm if she was pregnant or not.

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Men need six pack to keep ladies of today – Actor Prince David Osei advises men



Actor Prince David Osei advises men

In the past some men prefer pot bellies because it was seen as a sign of wealth and good living which made women have a high preference for such men, but currently such perception is fading at a faster rate.

Now most men do not take pride in having a pot in their bellies hence work very hard to get a very healthy and beautiful body feature; the kind that every lady would love. Most single ladies and married women would expect their man to have a well built body: six packs, flat stomach and some upper body muscle, just to show off.

So, it’s not surprising that actor Prince David Osei has stated categorically that if you’re a man without six packs, chances are that your woman will dump you for a six pack man. According to him, women currently want men who are physically built and have been able to keep their shape and not men with pot bellies.

He made this known while speaking to Nana Ama Mcbrown on her show, Mcbrown’s Kitchen. Below is the excerpt of his candid opinion:

“As a man, while growing up you need to keep the shape together. The ladies now want men who have six packs and have been able to keep their shape together. They want to feel the cut behind your waist when they hug you if not your woman may leave you for a man who has it”.

Well, do you think ladies of today will forgo luxury over broke six packs?? Truth be told, virtually all the ladies I’ve come into contact with will never commit such blunder regardless there exist ladies who’ll choose bedroom ecstasy over a million dollar ????.

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