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SHS boy raped infected with HIV SHS boy raped infected with HIV


SHS boy raped by seniors – infected with HIV



A third-year student in one of the all-male senior high schools in the country, has lifted the lid on a worrying trend which has deadly consequences if not dealt with.

James – not his real name – is now living with the deadly HIV and unable to tell his parents about it.

Now in his third year, James was raped by a group of seniors and infected with the incurable HIV in his first year.

He told the host of Joy FM’s Home Affairs programme, Edem Knight-Tay that the seniors lured him into a bush and raped him after he had turned down an initial request for sexual intercourse from one of them.

“I was very harsh to him and I told him off,” he told Edem, adding that “Two weeks after that, after prep, one senior sent me to get him something and somehow I was abducted, taken into a bush and gang raped.”

He said after the incident, he could not walk or sit.

The seniors threatened to make his life on and off campus miserable if he dared to disclose his experience to anyone.

Even when he tried to report, he was told, it will be fruitless because “there are teachers who are part of it.”

The boy managed to speak to a few of his classmates who confirmed having gone through the same ordeal, but said they had to give in quietly “so they can have their peace.”

With this, James succumbed. He did not mention the incident to anyone, not even his family.

Eight months after the incident, a health screening was organized in the school, it was there he was informed that he was HIV positive.

“I told my senior [about it] but he said he knew, and was on the anti-retroviral drugs so it was not dangerous for him.

“I was shattered, I have not been able to tell my parents. I have contemplated suicide and although I am in year three, I feel my life is going nowhere,” James told Edem.

Alarmed by the story, Edem did a bit of research and it turned out that, James’ story is true and that what happened to him, goes on in almost all the senior high schools across the country.

Edem came in touch with an Educationist and Social Researcher, Aku Afedo who also confirmed the story and said she, together with other stakeholders have been working on similar cases in some schools.

“It is happening in senior high schools, a lot, everywhere and most teachers are not willing to come out and tell you what is happening, but if you go deep down, it is happening,” Aku said.

Two young people – a boy and a girl – who have completed school were also on the show to share their experiences.

Jessie and Leslie said James’ story is no surprise because they heard of it many times when they were in school.

Leslie said “it’s either you give in or you are raped.”

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Kumchacha Finally Explains The Meaning Of His ‘Mysterious’ Name



Kumchacha Finally Explains The Meaning Of His ‘Mysterious’ Name

Kumchacha reveals the meaning of his name “Kumchacha” and how he got it

The prophet has been known as Kumchacha for many years. Ghanaians have wondered how a man of God can have such a name that sounds more fetish than christian. He said he was “awarded” the name in the United States.

Controversial self-acclaimed man of God, Prophet Kumchacha, has finally laid to rest the many tongues that have been wagging over his name.

Many people have wondered why a man of God would have such a name which sounds anything than christian. But Kumchacha has finally explained the meaning of his name and how he got it, according to a report by

According to him, the name was given to him in the United States by a group which witnessed how he performed many serious miracles.

Kumchacha disclosed that while on a ministry tour in the US, he performed many miracles including restoring the legs of a cripple and also healing an impotent man.

At the time the name was given to him, Kumchacha said he did not know the meaning, but he accepted it. According to him, it was later he got to understand that Kumchacha simply means an “anointed man of God”, but he failed to explain what language that it.

“I was in the United States and I toured Connecticut, Los Angeles and Massachusetts. I healed many people and they gave me the name Kumchacha.” “It was later I got to know the meaning, so Kumchacha means man of God,” the prophet said.

Kumchacha, known in real life as Nicholas Osei, is the founder and leader of Heavens Gate Ministries. He has recently dragged Afia Schwarzenegger to the police for verbally assaulting him.

The two are reportedly answering questions at the CID at the Police Headquarters.

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