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I woke up to news that Shatta Wale has released a video for his Bie Gya song but unfortunately, he was spotted in a fake Adidas hoodie. I still cannot fathom how the SM4lyf team allowed this to happen, like many others, I am not accepting the showbiz explanation that Shatta’s team is coming up with.

Earlier this week, Bulldog said on Pluzz FM that they (he and Shatta) used to show fake currencies in their pictures. When asked about the dollars in their pictures during their European tour, this is what he said-

“The Dollar notes we showed wasn’t real, at that time the kid in me and the kid in him did that,”

This got me thinking- so Shatta shows us fake shudder, fake money, what should we expect next? Is he even a man? Well, what do I even know about showbiz?

I believe it is alright to have to do stuff for attention, I mean that is the point of trying to sell but one would expect that from the novice who is struggling to find his feet. American rapper, 50 Cent, in 2008, admitted that most of the stuff he showed in late 90s and year 2000, were fake. To him, he had to fake it till he made it. Shatta Wale, I believe, has made it, maybe not on the global scale but in Ghana right now, I doubt there is an artiste bigger than the SM4lyf Boss. What more does he need to fake to gain? As it stands now, I can not even believe his real name is Charles, Is he even a man? Is he really married to Michy. In fact, I am beginning to believe the whole idea-thought-memory of Shatta Wale is a mirage or maybe a dream, as Rene Descarte may put it.

Personally, there is no way I am going to believe that he actually did that to pull a publicity stunt. Neither do I believe he believes that himself. Whoever thought of that idea, if there is the slightest chance that it is so, must have been a lazy publicist. It may be working for now, if indeed that be the case. However, what next? This video has gone viral for his image sake. Is this not even a crime? To alter an original design like that? Again, what do I know about showbiz?

Last I heard, Hajia4Real was in charge of his wardrobe and I do follow her on Instagram so I know very well that she has an impeccable taste when it comes to fashion. Someone has to tell us who was responsible for this malfunction because the showbiz crap is not flying with us.

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