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Shatta Wale is a very amazing artiste. One we’ve never witnessed before.

Judging from the way his fans are so passionate about him and would follow him mindless of whatever, crowning him as a ‘god’, it made sense to say the dancehall king is using ‘For Fans’, in order words, he has spiritual backing or ‘juju’, which causes most of his tracks to turn hit tracks, that are very influential in the lives of his fans. His fans are too crazy about him. Something we’ve never witnessed in this country.

After re-branding to the now Shatta Wale, he’ll be releasing his maiden album, Friday the 29th of April 2016, named ‘After The Storm’. The country has been at it’s hottest in recent times, with the sun directly shining on the earth’s equator. As though the guy controls the weather like a god, the sunny nature of the weather seized, 1 day (today) before the release of his album named ‘After The Storm’. Did he check the weather before naming his album and announcing it’s release date, or he’s just a talented weather forecaster? Someone give him a job at GTV, lol!!

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My manhood is shrinking – Psalm Adjetefio ‘begs’ for help



The veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio, popularly known as TT of Taxi Driver series fame who battled enlarged heart impediments has said he needs more support from Ghanaians to manage his ailments.

Sam Adjeteyfio has opened up on how ailments have tormented him including his manhood.

But the man, Adjeteyfio says ailments upon ailments have forced him to take drugs that have, at a point, resulting in a shrinking manhood.

According to him, it was not his intention to come public with his condition but his health condition was deteriorating hence his decision to come public. He also revealed his friends ignored and blocked his number when he was seriously ill.

TT said his predicament begun when he was diagnosed with a heart enlargement condition, leading to swollen feet.

The situation has compelled him to fall on some past students who he says have come from many parts of the world to assist him.

Psalm Adjetefio revealed that he was consuming about 19 tablets on a daily basis but he is currently consuming between 7-9 tablets on daily basis.

Through productions like ‘Taxi Driver’, TT, as he is popularly called thrilled millions and brought smiles and laughter to many.

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