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How I maintain my hips, sexy curves – Actress How I maintain my hips, sexy curves – Actress


Scientists have found that sex with curvy women is much better



For many years glossy magazines have been trying to convince people that skinny 90-60-90 girls are the standard of beauty. However, scientists believe differently. In particular, Nobel laureate in the field of genetics, James Watson came to the conclusion that overweight women are not only more successful and happy in life, but also are usually better in sex.

So why plumpness is the key to a great sex life? Dr. James Watson explains.

  1. Plump women are happier

Thinness was never associated with sexuality. Even in ancient times there was a belief that women of size are the best lovers. There is more endorphin produced in their bodies, and that is the hormone of happiness and joy, which is closely associated with sexual desire.

  1. Plump women are healthier

The “hourglass” figure means health and fertility. The narrow waist, wide hips, large breasts make the woman look perfect from both health and sex points of view.

  1. Happy in life – happy in bed

One simple rule operates here: if a girl is happy in life, she is happy in bed. She has no restrictions and limits. She thinks about her pleasure. So if a woman is good in bed and if she knows what she wants, which man can resist her?

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The Mysterious Rich Man With The Most Expensive Cars; All You Need To Know About Ibrah One



Let me first tell you about his arrest today. Apparently, he had a deal with one of his partners and his partner was supposed to have his share of the profit which we gathered is $400,000 which loosely translate into 20 Billion Old Cedis.

Ibrah One, the rich young man cheated his partner and even blocked him when he attempted to retrieve his share. Knowing his alleged activities as a money launderer, the partner snitched on him to Interpol who through investigation with the BNI pounced on him when he was attempting to flee the country.

However, Ibrah One before he was arrested posted on this Snapchat that if he is to go down as a money launderer he will go down with all the big men and women in the country he knows who are into the same illegal business. He requested to meet the president and give him some vital information.


Ibrah One shot to fame through the exhibition of his expensive cars and houses on his social media handles. He used the social media platform to flaunt his wealth to Ghanaians. And going through his expensive lifestyle on Instagram, you will be amazed.

He rides in some of the most expensive cars you could ever find on the roads in Ghana not to talk about his huge and fabulous mansion

His cars, all sporting customized number plates, range from a G-Wagon (estimated cost of $140,000), a Bentley (estimated cost of $180,000) a Mercedes GTS (estimated cost of $130,000), a Rolls Royce Wraith (estimated cost of almost $300,000), a Mercedes SLC (estimated cost of $80,000), a Ferrari 458 Italia (estimated cost of $240,000) and an Audi R8 (estimated cost of $170,000) amongst others.

When he turned 32 years in November 2017, he distributed 10 free iPhone X to passengers of a commercial bus during his birthday. Just a random Trotro he entered.

Ibrah One lives at Dansoman, a Suburb of Accra in a luxurious mansion inside a multi-million dollar estate named ‘Ibrahville’.

There have been several questions as to how this 32-year-old mysterious young man makes his money.

Well, According to Ibrah One known for his flashy cars and expensive vacations, he started making money from a forex bureau business. With time, he diversified into real estate, Oil and gas and other capital intensives ventures.

Well, with the Money Laundering charges hanging around his neck, the world, as well as Ghanaians, are wondering if indeed he made his millions of dollars through forex bureau as he claims.


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