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How To Satisfy A Woman If You Have A Small Penis How To Satisfy A Woman If You Have A Small Penis


How To Satisfy A Woman If You Have A Small Penis



When it comes to sex, many are the men who think a big phallus is what it takes to satisfy a woman and so you find them running “helter skelter” in search of all types of medicines to enlarge their member, but truth be told, that’s not really necessary to a woman.

To a woman, if you’re able to make her achieve that orgasm every time and anytime even with your finger or tongue, that’s enough. If that hadn’t been the case, women will not have had lesbian partners, do lesbian partners have a “ding dong?” Nope! but yet they are able to satisfy each other.

Before we can go on to elaborate on this topic, we first of all need to establish and understand what a small penis is. If you’re between 1 – 4 inches when erect, you’re small in size, between 5-8 inches, you’re average, between 8 – 13 inches, you’re enormous, that’s the monster penis right there and only prostitutes will love that one, because most women will not spend the rest of their lives living by this kind of penis, if you don’t believe us, you can ask Falcon (The man with the 13 inches penis)

As a man, what you need to focus on is how to satisfy the woman and not the size you have. So if you’re not blessed in the department of “Bambara Bura Matari” then don’t be downtrodden by those with the bigger ones, because to a woman, you’re a king if you are able to make her ‘cum’ all the time.

So without much ado, here are 8 tips on how to satisfy a woman if you’re not blessed with a big penis.

Tip #1: Master Cunnilingus

Many men always think about penetration when it comes to sex but that’s not all it’s needed to a woman. If you’re good at using your tongue, she equally gets satisfied. And so if you know you don’t have a big penis, concentrate on mastering the use of your tongue to please her and when you become a master at this, she’s surely going to worship you probably more than a man who has a very big penis. You should know that, even midgets have beautiful women, ever wondered what they really do that makes women adore them so much? Yeah! You got it right.

Tip #2: Master Foreplay

When it comes to sex, foreplay is paramount to a woman, so if you take your time to caress and cuddle her to the point of orgasm, you will not need much effort by the time you decide to penetrate and when she’s on that height, she doesn’t care whether your penis is small or not, everything in there feels good, even when it’s flaccid.

Tip #3: Go For Doggy style

A woman’s vagina is just 3-4 inches in length and the only time you can really tell is when she’s in a doggystyle position. Women usually feel the width and length of the penis more when in the doggy style position than other positions because usually in that position, there’s always a deep penetration. So if you know you have a small penis, always go for the doggy style position.

Tip #4: Know The Anatomy Of A Woman

It’s important to know the anatomy of a woman to tell how her system works to be able to know what to do to satisfy her rather than only thinking about penetration alone.

If you master the anatomy of a woman, especially her sexual organ, you will be able to tell where it’s most sensitive to “attack” to give her that explosive orgasm and she will appreciate it much more than just penetrative sex.

Even with a good knowledge of her sex organ and sensitive buds, you will know how to penetrate so you don’t aim for the cervix instead of the G-spot and clitoris.

Tip #5: Concentrate On The Clitoris And G-Spot

These are the most sensitive parts of a woman, concentrate on that, rather than thinking of penetrating deeper because that’s where all her nerve endings are. What you need to know is that, the clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman and the nerves alone in that small bud is much more than all the nerves in a woman.

Also learn to find where the G-spot is, so you will be able to know the kind of position you can use to always hit it. Remember, the key here is always make her achieve orgasm.

Tip #6: Know Her Most Sensitive Spots

Every woman comes in a different package, know your woman’s sensitive parts. You can just ask her and she will tell you. While some women have their sensitive parts to be their scalp, others have it behind their ears. Every woman and where you touch that pleases her the most, so find out the sensitive spot(s) of your woman to know how to please her properly.

Tip #7: Maintain A Strong Erection

Don’t worry much about the length of your penis, but if you are unable to maintain a strong erection, then you need to worry about that, because no woman will be pleased with that. A woman can stand a small penis so long as it’s hard enough to give her that satisfaction, but a small penis and flaccid too, that’s useless to a woman.

If you will need any medicine, it shouldn’t be for a bigger and longer penis, it should be for a strong erection because honestly, that’s what really satisfies a woman and not the length of it. So it’s important during sex that you’re able to maintain a stronger erection.

Tip #8: Last Longer

If there’s one thing most women hate, it’s premature ejaculation because women take much longer to orgasm compared to men and so if you have a smaller penis but able to maintain a strong erection and also last longer till she orgasms, then you should know, you are crowning yourself as king in her heart.

The question now is how do you achieve that? Make time for foreplay, don’t rush and when you in there, don’t force it, be cool and wriggle rather than thrusting with brutal force. Go at a slower pace till she increases the pace, not you. Always concentrate on how to make her orgasm before you reach your climax and you will always win.

Derrick Asare is an Editor for Xbitgh. He love Music, going to the movies, making friends, web designer, computer science major.

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” I Cheat Because I Have 9 Inches Pen!s And My Wife Can’t Take It,So She’s Always Crying When I Want To Do The Distin”—25 Married Men Tell Why They Cheat



25 Married Men Tell Why They Cheat

After releasing what many viewed as the most shocking confessions of cheating Ghanaian married women, David Papa Bondze-Mbir, has published the confessions of married men titled the “Naked Queens”.


  1. “Dave, this whole cheating thing erh, it’s not like it’s our fault oh… Charley, the thing feels WRONG, but at the same time, it feels GOOD!”

  2. “I’m Nine (9) inches long, thick and wide. She can’t seem to take all of me inside her. And, she was a virgin when we married. We’ve tried everything to enable her enjoy sex with me, but she’s always in pain and bruises. Anytime I want sex, she’d be in tears. I don’t know for how long this marriage to her may last, because I love sex, rough sex, and she’s too ‘green’ slow and ‘godly’ for my liking. I want a wife at home, and a ‘slut’ in the bedroom. She’s too much of a wife for me, and she can’t seem to find her balance. It turns me off. That’s why I’ve been cheating.”

  3. “My wife’s Church was organizing a couples retreat, and one of her Church-member friends, made a pass at me, and slept with me the following week. She is married too. I did feel guilty but I don’t think I slept with her because I wasn’t happy in my marriage… Nah, far from it. Wife and I are very cool. These things just happen every now and then.”

  4. “I suck at confrontation. The relationship wasn’t working. She knew, yet kept hoping things could change. I wasn’t interested anymore, so I cheated my way out of it.”

  5. “Being with my wife now, honestly, feels like she doesn’t really care about my emotional needs or what’s happening with me on a daily basis anymore. That’s why I had to find someone else who appeared more interested and excited about me.”

  6. “Wife is lazy in bed. When it comes to sex, I’m an action movies. She’s into drama. Sexually, we are not compatible.”


  1. “I’ve been married for 11 years. I am in love with my wife. I love my family, however, when the opportunity knocks, my zip ought to come down. It’s a man’s thing. Thank you.”


  1. “I am 49 years old, and I think I feel like an ‘old’ man when I am with my wife. The ‘Me’ I know used to love life. I loved adventure, fun, and the challenge. I am cheating because this side-attraction, knows how to make me feel young. It’s like, I’m at my prime age again – when I’m with her.”


  1. “I love being given blowjobs. I love going down on women, ‘Anotafrebomski’. My wife wouldn’t give me blowjobs because she finds it disgusting. She would rush me to penetrate her when I would want to go down, take time to explore and play with her ‘punaana’. I’m cheating because she doesn’t excite me. Outsiders do.”


  1. “My relationship was going rather too fast for me. I wanted to go out and see the world, before saying “Forsaking all others…” And I sowed my wild oats, before settling down. A blast from the past showed up at my office – and I couldn’t just let her go liadat! That was when I started cheating on my wife.”


  1. “I cheat because I am not born to be with just one woman. It’s not right!”


  1. “A job opportunity came my way after being home for over Three (3) years. I did not really look into the specifics of the job because I was eager to start doing something. The friend who introduced me to the job assured me that I qualified. All they needed was a full photo of me and my CV. I got to the interview, only to find out it was a fertility-kind-of clinic, which had other chain of businesses operating, on the same building, as cover-ups.

We were supposed to be ‘baby making machines’ for a monthly salary of a few thousands of GHs plus bonuses. I was given a car, a cover-up office, and my main office, which had a bedroom, toilet and bath, a kitchen, and a hall. Customers would just profile us, and then choose whom to ‘work’ with. A customer may choose to go the natural way, or I wank and cum into a container for it to be inseminated in them. So far, I am fathering over 29 kids. And most of my customers preferred natural intercourse until they took seed.

All my customers are married women whose husbands are, or may be impotent. I’ve also had customers who just preferred a certain gene to father their kids – instead of their husband’s gene. The woman I am sleeping with currently is my wife’s friend, who paid for our services, and chose me to work on her. She got pregnant, but afterwards, threatened to blackmail me to my wife, if I did not build a sexual relationship with her. We’ve been dating for over Four (4) years now, and my wife nor her husband have a clue. I have fallen in love with her over time, so you could say I am in love with two women. She helped me find a new job.”

  1. “My girlfriend finds me attractive; my wife doesn’t: At least, not anymore.”


  1. “So why do we men really cheat? Well, I am newly married, a month old to be precise. I remember vividly those days when I frequent David Mbir’s page to glimpse on what marriage was all about. And it was just one word I could use to describe it then: SCARY. So back to the question. I’ll use those days when I was dating as an example. The lady I dated prior to the woman I married gave me a sour relationship. I almost forgot “the how” and “the feeling” and “the sparks” being in a relationship. It got to a point where I began to see her as my sister hence not attractive.

To paint a better picture; we couldn’t even last 10 seconds in kissing not to even talk about hugging and squeezing and caressing. When I initiate, she will push me away. It was like we were having Sumo Wrestling in bed just trying to have one-dying-kiss. When I asked her why she does that; she will say to me that she doesn’t trust me. She said it was because of her past lover who had his way with her by spiking her drink which I felt sorry for her. And so I was in this relationship for Three (3) years hoping things will change, hoping she will be exciting, hoping she will be spontaneous, hoping she will crave for my hotness in her wetness.

I am the kind of guy that get emotional with words. I enjoy naughty conversation. So as a consolation, I frequently used to initiate sex chat with her hoping that could trigger some nerve in her body. But when I start, she would use a detour to come out. Or there were some days that she would gel well into the idea of us to be intimate but when we finally see then she switched back into a Sumo Wrestler. So I cried to my wife (then my friend) and somehow, someway, we met and we enjoyed every bit of it. That sensation chasing a fresh fish in the sea.

That usual constant checking ups. Something was borne out of our friendship into love. And when I finally had the chance to kiss her after we watched a movie at the mall. I felt goosebumps on her arms. My wife was practically trembling with just my kiss. I felt special. My ego boosted. I wanted to have more. I wanted a woman that appreciates my kiss, my touch, my cuddling. Dave, it was then I knew I had wasted three years of my life. So Yes! I cheated but I don’t regret.”


  1. “Weight is an issue for me. If she hadn’t gained so much weight.”


  1. “Dave, I don’t know if mine is cheating though: I enjoy sexting and flirting online only. There is no harm in that, is there? After all, I don’t meet up with any of these women in person. In fact, to me, it’s just a game.”


  1. “I lost my job a few years back. Staying at home doing nothing, applying for jobs and not getting any – left me depressed and frustrated. I found myself drinking more than usual, and some of these girls at these bars are to die for, Dave. I ‘died’ for a few.”


  1. “I’ve been attracted to the same-sex for as long as I can remember. I married a woman to fit the ‘manly’ role society has created for men. Do I love my wife? No! Do I love my kids? Yes! Am I in love with my gay partner (who is also married with kids)? Yes! I am very much in love with him. We are able to make time to be with each other, many times in a week. And because we are also both friends with the other’s significant other, we are able to be together in each other’s home, when our wives are away. It’s been 25 years of knowing my male partner. I’ve been married to my wife for 12 years.”


  1. “Sex in the morning, sex in the evening and sex at dawn is what keeps me sane every day. I want it every day, so when I was getting less than I knew I was entitled to, at home, in our forth month of marriage, I had to seek for it out there… And I got it in abundance.”


  1. “Social media makes me sin. When a fine girl reaches out to me on Facebook, or WhatsApp’s something sexy (photo/nasty sentences, etc.) I go with the flow. I used to ‘fight’ it, so I stay faithful to my wife, but Dave, the means to enable me cheat are just there – in my home. Technology cause ‘am.”

  2. “I cheated because I became too used to my wife. I needed something different, something fresh.”


  1. I recently had a baby girl with my friend. We met through an assignment. She is divorced and is leading a very comfortable life. I hit on her because she is matured, single and wanted to have a baby. We hit it out because of our common interest: I have been married for Eight (8) years without children. I wanted kids too, but my wife kept experiencing miscarriages upon miscarriages. We even lost a baby twice. I felt her womb wasn’t receptive, so I tried it with my friend and I got the package in Nine (9) months. Healthy baby girl. The most beautiful little thing I have ever seen. We are already having talks about having a boy next year.”


  1. “My wife wanted me to find a substitute to relieve her off her sexual duties. She began to find making love with me a chore. She was okay with me finding one lady to sleep with till her mojo re-activated. It’s been Eight (8) months now.”


  1. “First, it was the lump in my wife’s breast. Then, the bloody nipple discharge. The inverted nipple, the dimpling of the breasts skin, the pains she felt every time I accidently touched her breasts during sex. I am attracted to a woman more because of her breasts. So if all of a sudden, your once fully equipped wife, begins to feel a sore in her nipple, her lymph nodes in the neck and armpit look swollen, sex becomes almost impossible. I had to look the other way. Now, her breast has been removed. Nothing on her attracts me anymore. It’s just the truth.”


  1. “My wife pissed me off in the most humiliating way, and she wasn’t willing to apologize. I had an affair to punish her; to hurt her real bad… And, I made sure she knew about it. Sometimes, women need to submit, and know who the man of the house is.”


  1. “Dave, even though my wife and I have been through a lot in this 18 years of marriage, with my countless messing ups, having numerous affairs due to the distance (Family is in Kumasi, I work in Accra), I know I love my wife with everything in me. Together with our Three (3) kids may not be perfect, but we are everything as a family. Distance is the main reason I am cheating on her. When I used to work in Kumasi, I was faithful. When I was promoted and transferred to Accra, we all couldn’t move to Accra: Kids were in school there, she had a business to sustain there, etc. So we agreed on the weekends visitations. And it’s unfortunate I can’t go three days without sex.”

From the inbox of David Papa Bondze-Mbir’s Facebook page.

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