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Sarkodie - M.anifest beef Sarkodie - M.anifest beef


Sarkodie – M.anifest beef: Real or publicity stunt?



For those in the music industry, the bond between Sarkodie, Manifest and Jay So is undeniable.

Sarkodie - M.anifest beef
The three have found themselves together in studios several times therefore it comes as a surprise with the sudden beef between them.

Sources have confirmed that it all started after Sarkodie won Best Rapper at VGMA and EL the artiste of the year didn’t think Sark deserved to win.

It is alleged that Sarkodie therefore released ‘Bossy’ song directed at El.

However Jay So confirmed ‘Bossy’ was produced in April whiles VGMA happened in May, so we are yet to relate the possibility of Bossy being a ‘diss’ song to EL.

Manifest recently release ‘god MC’ which immediately receive much attention as most perceived it was directed at Sarkodie for calling himself a King in rap.

This sparked up fans of Sarkodie who took to social media to support their king who also replied with ‘Kanta’ track which was obviously directed at Manifest and mocking him for wearing local GTP print.

Social Media once again took to judge both tracks with lots of mockery on the use of ‘Pro bono’ wrongly by Sarkodie and criticizing him mocking local fabrics brand GTP.

Sarkodie’s lawyer have however apologised on his behalf for mentioning the brand GTP.

Gemini and Jayso who produced ‘Bossy’ have also released new songs addressing the ongoing ‘beef’ between Manifest and Sarkodie.

Whiles Gemini called for a cease-fire, Jay So added more salt to the injury taking Sarkodie’s side and calling Manifest jealous of Sarkodie and using him to trend on social media.

In the song he stated:

“I played ‘Bossy’ for your man way back in April

You told me it was hot way back in April

So why the diss track? I can say that you’re hateful

You took shot to that track that had me and him

And you supposed to be a friend

I mean it’s just rap but it’s bogus of you to pretend

I feel like you betrayed our friendship so you could trend

I hope you know how this will end?”

Jay So track have left many confused about the real intention behind the beef as the three are quiet close and it doesn’t make sense Manifest will release ‘godMC’ for Sarkodie if ‘Bossy track’ wasn’t even directed at him.

There are two answers to these doubts, its either a planned publicity for all three artistes or an actual beef based on Manifest betrayal to their friendship.

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