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Directors of Rihanna’s “Btch Better Have My Money” video is defending that the video clip’s violence and nudity. Rihanna is seen partaking in what people have deemed a revenge fantasy, in which she kidnaps the wife of her accountant, who has stolen her money. The woman is then stripped and tortured (see below). While some have praised Rihanna for essentially creating a short film, other have objected to the amount of explicit content. In response to the criticism, Leo Berne, whose collective MEGAFORCE co-directed the video, says in a new interview for Slant, “It was never something that we were aiming for but it is a part of the story. The video reflects the imagery of the track. The kidnapping, nudity, and violence
all reflect the spirit of the track.”
Asked specifically whether the video “glamorizes” kidnapping, Berne replies, “Well yes, that’s the idea. It’s just like when Bonnie and Clyde made robberies cool, isn’t it?” He continues, “I’m not going to say how people have to react to that. They are free to think whatever they want but we didn’t mean to offend anyone. It’s a question of perception.” Berne goes on, “I got shocked by Pulp Fiction when I was 15 and now I love that movie. As children we have been raised with stories that tell us what is good and what is bad and it is because of that, that we react negatively towards fictitious 

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‘Shut Up Before We Expose Your DIRTY Secrets To Ghanaians’- Angel Obinim WARNED



Angel Obinim WARNED

Angel Obinim has incurred the fury of a junior pastor of Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah for speaking against his boss and describing him as woman changer, in the wake of Bempah’s recent low-key wedding to one heavily endowed woman identified as Abena Anima.

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Passing a comment on that particular wedding, Obinim said he pities the newly-wed woman and that if she knew what was in store for her, she wouldn’t have married at all.

He’d said:

I heard on the news that a fellow man of God is getting married for the third time? I read in the newspapers that this is the third wife. I felt sorry for the woman because she should have thought about the previous two first.

This means that if she, the third wife makes a mistake, she will also be replaced by number four, as a third wife, you should not be happy you are a replacement of the previous two. If the relationships had gone well, you wouldn’t be their replacement.

These stabbing words did not go down well with the camp of Owusu Bempah and one Pastor Krobea Asante, a spokesperson of Prophet Bempah as it were, decided to react during an interview on Okay FM.

He jabbed Obinim for meddling in people’s affairs when he has no moral grounds.

 He said:

Obinim is the least person to even talk about Owusu Bempah’s marriage. How dare you talk about his wife and say you feel pity for her. Check yourself before you talk about a real man of God like Owusu Bempah.

We will be forced to reveal all your dirty secrets if you don’t shut up. I will personally put you in the right place and address you well if you don’t keep quiet.

After maltreating your wife, you come out and talk about Owusu Bempah’s wife. I rather feel sorry for your wife because she is going through a lot of hell.

So as it stands, it’s only a matter of saying fin kɛkɛ and Angel Obinim would start running for cover. Come to think of it, these dudes are popular pastors in Ghana! Asɛm oooo!

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