Police Chief Inspector Banned for Allegedly Sleeping With Suspect’s Wife

A woman has told a sad story of how a police chief inspector allegedly forced sex on her, while she was seeking bail for her husband at the Manso Datano Police Station in the Ashanti Region.

Narrating her ordeal on Kumasi based Nhyria FM, the victim said her husband travelled from the north to the Manso area in search for a job. But she received a phone call days later that her husband had been involved in a criminal case and was being detained at the police cells for three days.

So she travelled to Manso, to try to secure bail for her husband. She said she got to the place at night, so the accused police chief inspector offered her a place to sleep at the police station but she declined. The officer insisted and threatened not to release the victim’s husband if she refused to spend the night in the room at the police station.

The victim said while in the room, she refused to sleep on the bed there but instead sat on a plastic chair which was in the room and whilst there, the officer sneaked back into the room and carried her from the chair unto the bed. That was when he threatened to send the suspect to prison if the victim did not allow him to have sex with her.

The lady said the officer force himself on her and removed her cloth and asked her not to scream for the other policemen who were outside to here.

She said she cried throughout the ordeal whilst the policeman had several rounds of sex with her throughout the night. Listen to the narration of the victim in the video attached above. Meanwhile, the police administration upon hearing the sad story of the victim has began investigations into the matter.

A press release from the Ashanti Regional Police command, however, noted that the chief inspector has also been interdicted as investigations continue. The police press statement, signed by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Mr Godwin also assured the general public that they will not shield officers who involve themselves in criminality.