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A Nasa spaceship has snapped the last possible photos of Pluto’s mysteriously spotty side before it turns away into the darkness for decades.

New Horizons is zooming towards the dwarf planet and will pass by at just 12,500km above the planet’s surface on 14 July, taking lots of close-up photos on the way that scientists hope will help shed some light on the distant planet. On Thursday, the spacecraft had reached three billion miles away from earth, and beamed back the best images of Pluto to date.

They were “the last, best look that anyone will have of Pluto’s far side for decades to come,” said Alan Stern, principal investigator for New Horizon at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

The photos show a string of four dark spots that have captivated the astrology community since they were first spotted. In photos taken further away, the spots looked to be all equally sized. “It’s weird that they’re spaced so regularly,” said New Horizon scientist Curt Niebur in a statement.

The new photos allow a closer look at the four dark spots, which are all roughly the size of the US state of Missouri. It appears that the borders of the darker areas are irregular and sharply defined, according to
NASA. But scientists will have to wait a long time to get an even better look at the spots – as the hemisphere that they are on will soon be out of view.

New Horizons will eventually reach the dark side of the planet but the photos will not be as detailed – as the only light it receives is that reflected from its moon, Charon.

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BREAKING NEWS: BoG takes over Unibank



The Bank of Ghana has announced it has taken over the management of private bank, Unibank.

The Governor of the central bank explained at a press conference, the takeover is due to challenges facing the bank. He mentioned weak supervisory standards and weak operations as the cause of the challenges.

Ernest Addison said the bank, adjudged the 6thbest performing company in Ghana at the Ghana Club 100 awards in 2017, provided inaccurate data during the central bank’s effort to resolve the problems last year.

He assured depositors their money is safe, stressing “we are not liquidating the bank, we are saving it.”

The take-over comes weeks after Unibank announced it was taking over adb.
The top management of Unibank are Dr. Kwabena Duffuor II who is Chief Executive Officer, Ekow Nyarko Dadzie-Dennis Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director Owusu-Ansah Awere, Executive Clifford Duke Mettle, Director of Risk Management Kwesi Nkrumah Pimpah.

Photo: CEO Kwabena Duffour II was awarded the most enterprising young executive award in 2017.
The bank’s company secretary is Sylvia Assimeng-Archer, Executive Head of Treasury and Global Trade John Collins Arthur, Executive Head of Corporate Banking Elsie Dansoa Kyereh and Executive Head of Innovations and Business Execution Florence Ohene.

This executive management are expected to give way to new control, KPMG appointed by the central bank.

The bank was founded in 1997 by Kwabena Duffour who later became Finance minister under the Mills administration.
But after 20 years of private management, Kwabena Duffour who is a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana loses control of unibank to his former employers.

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