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Paa Kwasi Calls For A Competition In Highlife Music



Paa Kwasi has now become a household name in the music industry now following the recent hit song “Christy

Paa Kwasi has now crown himself as the Highlife King in Ghana now since he sees no competition in the industry now.

In an exclusive interview with Paa Kwasi, he said

“I need a proper highlife competition now. I see that there is no proper highlife artist now in the industry now to compete with.

Am the highlife God in ghana now, who the cup fit, let him wear it. Those highlife songs we are listening now is not a proper Ghanaian highlife song. So anyone who thinks or feel he is best when it comes to highlife should show up.

Paa Kwasi has been to the length and breadth of Ghana. Every single “show” that he headlined in the international communities was a “sold out show”.

He has visited the most deprived and neglected areas in Ghana and Africa to entertain and put a smile on the faces of highlife lovers, his loyal fans and also persuade his fans with his soothing voice to get up their feet,dance and shake off the discomfort that is associated with life.

The genre that he chose (highlife),which was only known in Ghana as at the time he emerged has now been accepted globally.

Although he has worked relentlessly ever since he came into the limelight with his Christy song”,which became an instant hit in the later days of 2016 and still rules the airwaves, he has been relevant ever since, and the year 2016/17 has been the most successful year and the turning point of his career.


Isaac Nana Addo who is known by the name Dj Okwas is a young talanted DJ, blogger, sound engineer who love everything about music.

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Artists News

‘Nigerian rappers are unknown in South Africa’ – Cassper Nyovest



Prior to winning best Hip-hop at SoundCity MVP, South African rapper, Refiloe Phoolo famously known as Cassper Nyovest, had an exclusive interview with Joey Akan of PulseNG, where he talked about African Hip-hop in general and the state of Hip-hop in Nigeria.

Commenting on the controversial 2017 single “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives” where M.I Abaga admitted that South African rappers are dominating the Hip-hop scene in Africa. Cassper agrees with M.I Abaga, stating as quoted:

“Yes, South African Hip-hop is in the forefront of African Hip-hop in general. It might not be as popular as it is in South Africa in Nigeria. But I know for a fact that the rappers from Nigeria are kinda unknown in SA,” he says

“If we talk about crossing over, I know that a lot of people in Nigeria know about my music. I know that in Kenya and Ghana it’s the same thing.

“I’m not just talking about me, I’m talking about the movement. Sarkodie is big in Ghana, but are there other rappers who are as big as Sarkodie from Ghana? The South African Hip-hop movement is big across, also in London, New York…we are out there performing in different countries.”

Cassper also confessed the topic is controversial as he tried to explain his point further. “Me saying that might offend people here.

They might feel that I’m taking shots at Nigerian music. But that’s not the deal. If we are to discuss in terms of numbers and appeal across the world, it’s just the way it is.”

Well, Cassper Nyovest is quite right saying this topic is controversial.

But it is also advisable to note that everything he said in the interview are facts. South Africa is in the forefront of African Hip-hop, and Nigerian rappers are unknown in South Africa.

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