Moesha Boduong uses special cushion to sit after butt job

– Moesha Boduong recently admitted doing surgery to enhance her butts. Latest photos spotted by show Moesha now sits on a special cushion following her surgery. The photos of Moesha were captured at Obrafour’s Pae Mu ka @ 20 concert.

Actress and Instagram model Moesha Boduong is one of the most popular Ghanaian ladies on social media. Moesha’s popularity is largely due to the heavy backside she possesses and which she has been flaunting on social media as she did in these 13 stunning photos.

Despite having an already-famous backside which was counted among the biggest, the actress recently had a surgery to make it bigger. Moesha confirmed the news of her butt job after photos and videos of her new humongous curves started circulating in August 2019.

It looks like Moesha’s significant aesthetic improvement did not come at a small price at all. Apart from the obvious financial costs, Moesha has had to make adjustments to her life as well. Exclusive photos available to shows that Moesha is not able to sit on a normal chair and has to use a special cushion to sit following the surgery.

In the photos Moesha was could be seen sitting in her chair. After some time, she got up revealing that she had been sitting on a black cushion. Later Moesha left her seat to go on stage and the cushion could be seen waiting for her on the seat she used. The photos were taken at Obrafour’s Pae Mu Ka @ 20 meaning Moesha was using the special cushion at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC).

While it is normal for people to use butt cushions, it is usually used by people who sit for long periods. Moesha was only Obrafour’s concert for about three hours and did not spend too much time to warrant a butt cushion. Moreover, it was not as if she was sitting on a wooden bench. The AICC, being one of the best event venues in Ghana, have comfortable chairs for the average person.

The new photos come after a photo of the actress not ‘properly’ seated caused a stir among some of her fans. In that photo, Moesha was seen onboard a plane sitting on a pillow. The way she was seated was as if she was uncomfortable in her seat.