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A solar-powered airplane currently soaring
over the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Hawaii,
has set a slew of new world records, logging
the farthest and longest flights made so far in
a solar-powered aircraft.

The Solar Impulse 2 plane set the new
distance and duration records when it flew
3,519 miles (5,663 kilometers) in 80 hours.
The solar-powered aircraft is currently
partway through a planned journey around
the world.

“Can you imagine that a solar-powered
airplane without fuel can now fly longer than
a jet plane?!” Bertrand Piccard, chairman, co-
founder and alternate pilot of Solar Impulse
(the company that owns the plane), said in a
statement. “This is a clear message that clean
technologies can achieve impossible

The ocean-crossing flight is now also the
longest nonstop solo flight without refueling
in aviation history — for both jet and gas-
powered aircraft. The previous record was
held by American adventurer Steve Fossett,
for his flight on the Virgin Atlantic
GlobalFlyer. In 2006, Fossett was airborne for
76 hours during a nonstop flight around the

Solar Impulse 2 left Nagoya, Japan, on June
29 and is about three-quarters of the way to
Kalaeloa, Hawaii, with 120 hours of flying to
go. The pilot steering the plane on its current
record-breaking journey is André Borschberg,
CEO and co-founder of Solar Impulse.
Borschberg is grappling with navigating the
flight alone in an unheated and unpressurized
134-cubic-foot (3.8 cubic meters) cockpit,
which is roughly equivalent to the space
inside a typical four-door sedan.

“The first 24 hours were very technical,”
Borschberg said, “but the second day was
really getting me into the mission. It took me
a while to create a relationship of trust with
the airplane, which allows me to rest and
eventually sleep by periods of 20 minutes
with the autopilot. The experience of flight is
so intense that I can only focus on the present
moment and discover how to deal with my
own energy and mind-set.”

The flight is expected to land in Hawaii
tomorrow (July 3), though its exact arrival
depends on weather conditions. After landing
in Hawaii, the Solar Impulse mission will
continue on to Phoenix. Borschberg and
Piccard have been alternating control of the
solar-powered plane.

Solar Impulse’s around-the-world attempt
began March 9 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab
Emirates. The plane reached Nanjing, China,
on May 31, on the seventh leg of the journey.
Here, Solar Impulse 2 encountered bad
weather out of Nanjing that forced it to land
in Japan, instead of completing the five-day,
five-night journey to Hawaii.

The current leg from Japan to Hawaii is the
longest duration and distance the plane will
have to fly, according to company
representatives. Solar Impulse 2 is powered
by 17,000 photovoltaic cells on its wings that
drive propellers during the day and recharge
the plane’s batteries at night. There are 13
planned flights to circumnavigate the globe,
provided weather conditions remain favorable,
according to Solar Impulse.



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