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Where was MzVee when I started dancehall? – Kaakie Where was MzVee when I started dancehall? – Kaakie


Where was MzVee when I started dancehall? – Kaakie



Ghanaian dancehall diva, Kaakie has denied that her new single ‘Sankwas’ is a diss song aimed at taking a dig at rival MzVee, claiming she has been in the game longer than the 2016 BET nominee.

The dancehall artiste’s new single ‘Sankwas’ has been tagged as a diss song against MzVee. Kaakie released ‘Sankwas’ and ‘Time Up’ which have seen a rising tension between herself and fellow dancehall artistes MzVee and AK Songstress.

Speaking exclusively to host of Showbiz927 Heavy D last Saturday, the talented female dancehall artiste stated that she has been in the game long enough and has paved way for other girls to join in “the movement”.

“I always put in a phrase in each of my songs and you will think I’m talking to someone and that is just something about me,” she said.

According to Kaakie, who is a nurse by profession, she never mentioned anyone in ‘Sankwas’ though it is perceived to cast insinuations at MzVee.

She said both ‘Abofra’ composer and AK Songstress have taken her latest single ‘Sankwas’ too personal.

“All of a sudden I release ‘Sankwas’ and people like MzVee and AK Songstress took it personal and some of them have even gone on to write articles about it.

Asked why she thinks the two thought the song is aimed at taking a dig at them, Kaakie said, “I don’t know why they thought that way because that’s where I started from the genesis of my tunes”.

According to Kaakie, her tune ‘Too much’ started with a chorus and a line that says ‘Some girls are wild, some girls are this and some girls are that but my girl here is too much’ and there is another one called ‘Designer bumper’ where she says some girls are China and I am original.

“At that time when I released these songs, MzVee and AK Songstress were not in the dancehall game yet and I didn’t even know where they were”.

Explaining how the whole fracas started, Kaakie said her release of ‘Sankwas’ which admonishes people who want to bring her down, began it as many thought she was referring to MzVee and though she didn’t mention anyone’s name.

“After I released ‘Sankwas’, I was really surprised after I saw the article and I don’t see why anybody will take a song for herself and say that I am singing directly at her”.

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Going Crazy?Shatta Wale Posts Video Of A Slay Queen S**king His ‘Koti’ & That Of A Friend



Ever since Shatta Wale left Michy, he’s had the liberty to bring any woman he wants to his house. The other time, it was about him kissing one old woman in public and now there’s a new video of him being given a BJ right in his home.

The dancehall artiste is enjoying himself and in a new video, he posted on Snapchat, a girl who could best pass out as a prostitute is seen giving him and a friend of his a Blow Job.

Download Shatta Wale’s Video

Shatta Wale minutes after realising he f*cked up by posting such a video on Snapchat, deleted it but it had already been captured by the internet—The internet never forgets.

Going Crazy?Shatta Wale Posts Video Of A Slay Queen S**king His ‘Koti’ & That Of A Friend

It is unclear who the other friend was but suggestions by people say it’s his close friend Pope Skinny but others too believe its Duke of D2 music group. The lady in the video has a pierced nose and fair in complexion.

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Shatta Wale’s voice is heard in the background, excited about the pleasure he’s getting and is heard saying; “Oh I like this one, oh yeah”

Not that we are moral gods and we don’t do any of that, but for a musician of his caliber, one wouldn’t expect him to share something like that to the public.

The video is just bad and we are disappointed in him again.

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