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19 yr old girl without vagina – A teenager with a rare medical condition has revealed how she was born without a vagina which by implication, makes sex a ruled out deal for her. 19-year-old Jaqui Beck of Isle of Wight, said she had no idea that she didn’t have a vagina until she was 17 when she went for a routine trip to see her doctor about lower back pain.

According to her, she told the doctor that she still hadn’t had her first period and after series of tests, the doctor found out that Beck has Müllerian agenesis, better known as MRKH, a rare syndrome where a woman is born with no cervix, womb or vagina. Daily Mail reported that she had what looked like a ‘dimple’ where her vagina should have been, and could never have sex or give birth to her own child.

She hadn’t discovered the condition before, because until that point she had never had a sexual relationship. Beck said, “I felt like a freak. I was sure the doctor had got it wrong. “I left the doctors in tears…I would never know what it was like to give birth, be pregnant, have a period. “All the things I had imagined doing suddenly got erased from my future. I was really angry and felt like I wasn’t a real woman any more.” “It wasn’t really a conscious decision not to have a boyfriend.

“I just didn’t really fancy any of the boys in my area, which is lucky, considering what I know now.” Now, Beck is learning to live with her condition and focus on what she’s has and forget about what she doesn’t have. She struggled to cope with shame and the stigma attached to her condition, but it was through receiving specialist treatment at the Queen Charlotte and Chelsea hospital London, that she began to see hope in the situation and meet others like herself.

She said, “At the hospital, they referred me to a network of other women who have the same condition. “It was great to speak to other girls who felt like me. “The first time the nurse showed me how to use a dilator I nearly died of embarrassment. “But now I’ve got used to it, I see it as any other form of treatment.” Thanks to the treatment she  received to stretch her vaginal canal, and hopefully enable her to have sex when she feels like giving it a shot. Notwithstanding, Beck feels her condition is beneficial for wedding so it could scare off the men that aren’t genuine, and eventually get her the man of her dreams.

She said, “If he has a problem with it, then he’s not the kind of guy I want to go out with,” she said. “I’m a hopeless romantic and I see it as a great test of someone’s character. Instead of focusing on it putting off men, I actually think it will help me find, ‘the one’.”

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‘Shut Up Before We Expose Your DIRTY Secrets To Ghanaians’- Angel Obinim WARNED



Angel Obinim WARNED

Angel Obinim has incurred the fury of a junior pastor of Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah for speaking against his boss and describing him as woman changer, in the wake of Bempah’s recent low-key wedding to one heavily endowed woman identified as Abena Anima.

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Passing a comment on that particular wedding, Obinim said he pities the newly-wed woman and that if she knew what was in store for her, she wouldn’t have married at all.

He’d said:

I heard on the news that a fellow man of God is getting married for the third time? I read in the newspapers that this is the third wife. I felt sorry for the woman because she should have thought about the previous two first.

This means that if she, the third wife makes a mistake, she will also be replaced by number four, as a third wife, you should not be happy you are a replacement of the previous two. If the relationships had gone well, you wouldn’t be their replacement.

These stabbing words did not go down well with the camp of Owusu Bempah and one Pastor Krobea Asante, a spokesperson of Prophet Bempah as it were, decided to react during an interview on Okay FM.

He jabbed Obinim for meddling in people’s affairs when he has no moral grounds.

 He said:

Obinim is the least person to even talk about Owusu Bempah’s marriage. How dare you talk about his wife and say you feel pity for her. Check yourself before you talk about a real man of God like Owusu Bempah.

We will be forced to reveal all your dirty secrets if you don’t shut up. I will personally put you in the right place and address you well if you don’t keep quiet.

After maltreating your wife, you come out and talk about Owusu Bempah’s wife. I rather feel sorry for your wife because she is going through a lot of hell.

So as it stands, it’s only a matter of saying fin kɛkɛ and Angel Obinim would start running for cover. Come to think of it, these dudes are popular pastors in Ghana! Asɛm oooo!

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