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Cleopas Chimbwanda, a district pastor in Zimbabwe was allegedly caught red-handed bonking a congregant’s wife who “trusted him like a father”.

The pastor was caught indulging in $e.x with Patience Vhazhure who is another member, Kerenias Munyanyi’s wife. Vhazhure is said to have abandoned her two children after being caught.

Pastor Chimbwanda was the couple’s wedding counsellor since their wedding in December last year.

Munyanyi says he had trusted Chimbwanda like a father and approached him with all his marital issues unaware that he was the one behind the problems.

Munyanyi said his wife used to travel to Harare to do returns for tithes and used to sleep at his sister’s house.

“But starting from February, she stopped sleeping at my sisters place like she had been doing.

“When I asked her, she said she was sleeping at her sister’s house.

This happened for the next three months until I discovered a receipt in her wallet that showed she had bought two toothbrushes and bathing soap from a Harare supermarket but she only arrived home with one toothbrush.

“So I became suspicious and asked her why she came to Nyanga with one toothbrush when the receipt showed she got two.

“She had also bought family planning pills at a Copacabana pharmacy in Harare on another receipt, so I asked what’s the need of buying pills in Harare when we stay in Nyanga where the pills are cheaper.

“They cost a dollar for three in Harare and for the same price she gets six in Nyanga and she said she didn’t want to miss taking pills.

“I also called her sister the one she claimed used to host her when she went to Harare to submit the tithes but the sister said she did not sleep at her house. She said she last saw her a long time ago.

“During that conversation there was little friction and when she went to work she reported the issue to the Pastor and I was called and he asked me if there was a problem,”

Soon after, Munyanyi moved to Harare and he was surprised to get calls from a friend in Nyanga asking him if he had left because he caught his wife in bed with Chimbwanda.

“I got those calls on the 6th of April and was shocked as to where the allegations had stemmed from as I had never imagined my wife having an affair with the Pastor.

“I got two calls in the morning and never took them seriouly but more and more calls started coming through over the same issue that’s when I realised that there was a serious stir in Nyanga.”

He said in August he went to Nyanga unannounced and met with more drama.

“I went back to Nyanga on the unannounced, when I got home my wife was at work and then I saw some condoms in the wardrobe. My friends came to tell me how the pastor was caught in bed with my wife.

“I went into the house and there was also a receipt for the condoms which showed they had been bought in Harare at a Pharmacy. So this really disturbed me and I went to the pastor to tell him what I had seen in the place where the kids have access as well. I met my wife there with him and she had a hard time looking into my eyes, so I knew.

“In response Pastor Chimbwanda said that does not matter, its not important. I asked him why and he just said ‘we will discuss it’.

Munyanyi said he left the office leaving the pastor with his wife. However, when she returned, he beat her up thoroughly.

After the beating she dashed to make a police report but Munyani fled fearing arrest.

The police have gotten involved and are investigating the issue.

Derrick Asare is an Editor for Xbitgh. He love Music, going to the movies, making friends, web designer, computer science major.

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