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A housemaid has been caught on an hidden camera using the napkin she uses to clean her private parts, to clean the dishes.

This bizarre occurrence is another reason people have to think twice before employing house helps as this young lady was caught on an hidden camera using a napkin to wipe her private parts, feet and other parts of her body before using the same napkin to wipe the dishes she would use to either cook or serve her employers with.

The lady who is probably a disgruntled domestic worker, took out her anger in the most disgusting manner and the photos have really gone viral.
Yet another reason to treat such workers with love and like family.Wicked-Maid (1)


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“If I become the President, I will close down all those media houses” – Shatta Wale Vows



Shatta Wale Vows

Opana is back again with his exuberance and this time around, he said he would close down several media houses if he becomes Ghana’s president in the not too distant future.

According to Shatta Wale, the media houses have not been unfair to him all this while and says they always peddle falsehood about him.

The Freedom hitmaker is particularly unhappy about the purported money he was said to have demanded from Bullet to perform at Ebony’s tribute concert which was echoed by the various online portals and other media outlet in the country.

Against this background, Shatta Wale was said he wouldn’t hesitate to close down such media houses when his ambition of becoming a President comes to pass.

He said:

Someone had an an issue and I was going to plead for him and then the media reports that I have disregarded the Police. You people are always saying something bad about me but this same person can become the President of Ghana and If i become the President, I will close down all those media houses.”

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