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10 Times Bulldog And Shatta Wale Looked Inseparable 10 Times Bulldog And Shatta Wale Looked Inseparable


Leaked Audio: Shatta Wale to frame a rape case against former management member?



Just when Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Wale and his new management seem to be embarking on a brand re positioning, the challenges keep coming.

From a demand for a refund by Multimedia Company to the latest accusation of an attempt to frame a rape case against CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment, Kendrick Yehowada Meek.

In a lengthy post shared on his timeline on Facebook, CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment, Kendrick who signed the official termination of contract between Bullhaus Entertainment and Shatta Wale couple of months ago disclosed the dancehall artist was ungrateful despite all they (Bullhaus) did for him.

Kendrick also accused Shatta Wale of his intents to frame a rape case against him.

Read his post from below (Unedited)

“It hurts to love people yet they wanna plan evil on an innocent man. Where did I go wrong:??? Enough of these jokes


Allow me jog your UNGRATEFUL MEMORY with a few of these past events.

  1. Before you came to Bullhaus Entertainment, you drove a 2003 white corolla

  2. You did not even have a Togo stamp in your passport and was living at Lonzy’s house in Nima.

  3. We paid and shot “Dancehall King” video together with our partner SOLID MULTIMEDIA, your very first
    professional visual in your entire career.

  4. We lobbied and brokered your first ever professional international gig to London

  5. We together with our partners Solid Multimedia and 4Syte TV flew you on your first ever south African trip to
    shoot two free videos for you “Real Hustler” and “Inna Di Party ft. DBlack”

  6. We introduced our partners Boogie Down Nima, we planned and executed your very first American Tour.

  7. We introduced you to mainstream media in Ghana and beyond, resulting to every award you have decorated
    your hall with and boast of today.

  8. Bullhaus Entertainment was an award winning management outfit before you joined us, we were still managing
    award winning artistes like VIP and NaturalFace, and had managed award winning artiste like 5Five and Iwan.

  9. You had no brand whatsoever when you came begging us to manage you.
    You had no commercial value and awards when you came to us, there’s a lot more i can share but these are few of
    the “unprofessional” services we rendered for you.

We left in good faith but it seems you still have evil intentions for us and it’s evident in the audio below, this is just
one of a series of audios we have in our possession.

Our advise to you is to stay in you lane and keep working and maintaining the value we added to your career with
the management team we introduced you to, working for you.
Leave us in peace and stop plotting against us. Plotting rape against me and “I will worry them” is not artistry,
channel your energy into the second chance we gave you at your profession.”

Until October 31 2016, Shatta Wale worked under Bullhaus Entertainment and closely managed by Bulldog.

Listen to the leaked phone conversation between Shatta Wale and an undisclosed lady.

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Men need six pack to keep ladies of today – Actor Prince David Osei advises men



Actor Prince David Osei advises men

In the past some men prefer pot bellies because it was seen as a sign of wealth and good living which made women have a high preference for such men, but currently such perception is fading at a faster rate.

Now most men do not take pride in having a pot in their bellies hence work very hard to get a very healthy and beautiful body feature; the kind that every lady would love. Most single ladies and married women would expect their man to have a well built body: six packs, flat stomach and some upper body muscle, just to show off.

So, it’s not surprising that actor Prince David Osei has stated categorically that if you’re a man without six packs, chances are that your woman will dump you for a six pack man. According to him, women currently want men who are physically built and have been able to keep their shape and not men with pot bellies.

He made this known while speaking to Nana Ama Mcbrown on her show, Mcbrown’s Kitchen. Below is the excerpt of his candid opinion:

“As a man, while growing up you need to keep the shape together. The ladies now want men who have six packs and have been able to keep their shape together. They want to feel the cut behind your waist when they hug you if not your woman may leave you for a man who has it”.

Well, do you think ladies of today will forgo luxury over broke six packs?? Truth be told, virtually all the ladies I’ve come into contact with will never commit such blunder regardless there exist ladies who’ll choose bedroom ecstasy over a million dollar ????.

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