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With his presidential campaign looming, Kanye West might think he has some advice to offer Barack Obama. However, at an upcoming DNC event, at which Kanye will perform, he has been forbidden to give the president any words of wisdom!
In case you forgot, Kanye West, 38, is very serious about running for president in 2020. No, like, seriously serious. However, focusing on the more urgent 2016 election, Kanye has been tapped to perform at an upcoming Democratic National Committee event in San Francisco on Oct. 10. Thrillingly, President Barack Obama will be on hand at the affair– but Kanye shouldn’t expect to get too cozy with the pres. In fact, Kanye has been given strict orders not to “lecture” Obama!

“There will be restrictions,” a source told the New York Post as to how much interaction Kanye will have with the president. “Kanye won’t be able to lecture the president about how to run the country.”

Honestly, it sounds like something Kanye would do, doesn’t it? And now that he himself has political aspirations, why wouldn’t Kanye think he knows more so than Obama what this country needs?

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