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Jayso & Anita: The pleasant surprise on ‘The One Show’ Jayso & Anita: The pleasant surprise on ‘The One Show’

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Jayso & Anita: The pleasant surprise on ‘The One Show’



Jayso & Anita: The pleasant surprise on ‘The One Show’

It was not scripted but producers of The One Show could not ask for better when gifted rapper Jayso teamed up with the ‘skillions’ crew to do a live musical show, there was no real news there till host Anita Erskine got possessed by the spirit of good music such that she couldn’t fix her beautiful bum on her seat no more but had to join Jayso on stage.

And when she took hold of the mic after Jayso had dished out his first verse, it was pleasant chorus that escaped the lips of the not just talented buy sexy madam in the process amazing Jay and guest in the studio.

As Jay put in his second verse comprising some tight bars and rhymes, Anita took hold of the mic once more and sweetly wrapped up The One Show in a sing-song fashion. Kudos Anita you might just be featured on a few of the young ‘cats’ tracks. The One Show is sure turning into a pleasant unpredictable a mixed bag.

Watch the video below!!

Credit: Viasat 1 Ghana

Derrick Asare is an Editor for Xbitgh. He love Music, going to the movies, making friends, web designer, computer science major.

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Yaa Pono Ft Stonebwoy – Obia Wone Master (Shatta Diss)



Yaa Pono Ft Stonebwoy - Obia Wone Master

And the song, we’ve all been waiting for is finally here… Yes, I’m talking about the song ‘Obiaa Wo Ne Master’–Remember the cover art for the song inundated the Social media space and because Yaa Pono was featuring Stonebwoy on it, it was obvious that it was going to be a diss song for Shatta Wale and now that we’ve heard it, we never thought wrong at all.

Yaa Pono features Stonebwoy on this one ‘Obiaa Wo Ne Master’ and listening to the lyrics of the song, Stonebwoy wanted to let Shatta Wale know that he is his master, so he gotta give him that respect.

Stonebwoy describes himself as an Ayigbe Mafia in the song and goes ahead to sing lyrics like:

“You see the difference be say, I am born to lead, wey you are born to follow, Ayigbe mafia, yaro zongo.”

“Me I dey do, dem dey follow”

And oh, another line to give that hint that this song is a reaction to Shatt Wale’s  ‘Shito’ song, listen to the part Stonebwoy says:

“Pepper dem be the shito…..” (says some Ewe, need an Ewe friend to translate that for me)

“Are you my co-equal?”…..(another Ewe line comes in again,…..urrrrgh, now I need an Ewe girlfriend…lol)

Then the chorus comes in… “Obiaaa wo ne master”

Whoa!! You’ve got to listen to this song right about now below and share your thoughts on it with us.

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