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An immoral old Nigerian man has left the community speechless after he allegedly blamed his juvenile grand daughters for luring him to have sex with them.

Mr Umoru Choji 75, the unscrupulous grandfather who was arrested after his underage granddaughters reported him to the police for sexually abusing them, told the police that he was ensnared into committing the atrocious act by the young girls.

“It was these girls that put me into this trouble. They were the ones who always come to me and they arose my interest in sex. I didn’t even know when I started having sex with them,” he said, according to The Nation.

The Nation reported that the old man, who is still married and lives with his wife, confirmed that he had countless sexual activities with his adolescent granddaughters and some other young kids whom he claims went and told lies against him to their parents and to the police only after he had allegedly stopped them from coming to his house.

“I feel bad. I did not know they will tell people what we were doing. The children deceived me and they went and report me to their parents.”

This repulsive incident has also raised questions about the old man’s sanity, the man who blames little girls who are way beyond the age of sexual consent for luring him to sleep with them. It is disheartening to note that the young children continue to suffer at the hands of the very people that are supposed to protect them from the beasts of this world.

Source: The Nation

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Kumchacha Finally Explains The Meaning Of His ‘Mysterious’ Name



Kumchacha Finally Explains The Meaning Of His ‘Mysterious’ Name

Kumchacha reveals the meaning of his name “Kumchacha” and how he got it

The prophet has been known as Kumchacha for many years. Ghanaians have wondered how a man of God can have such a name that sounds more fetish than christian. He said he was “awarded” the name in the United States.

Controversial self-acclaimed man of God, Prophet Kumchacha, has finally laid to rest the many tongues that have been wagging over his name.

Many people have wondered why a man of God would have such a name which sounds anything than christian. But Kumchacha has finally explained the meaning of his name and how he got it, according to a report by

According to him, the name was given to him in the United States by a group which witnessed how he performed many serious miracles.

Kumchacha disclosed that while on a ministry tour in the US, he performed many miracles including restoring the legs of a cripple and also healing an impotent man.

At the time the name was given to him, Kumchacha said he did not know the meaning, but he accepted it. According to him, it was later he got to understand that Kumchacha simply means an “anointed man of God”, but he failed to explain what language that it.

“I was in the United States and I toured Connecticut, Los Angeles and Massachusetts. I healed many people and they gave me the name Kumchacha.” “It was later I got to know the meaning, so Kumchacha means man of God,” the prophet said.

Kumchacha, known in real life as Nicholas Osei, is the founder and leader of Heavens Gate Ministries. He has recently dragged Afia Schwarzenegger to the police for verbally assaulting him.

The two are reportedly answering questions at the CID at the Police Headquarters.

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