Popular Ghanaian lawyer Maurice Ampaw has disclosed that he has had sex with a lot of University girls back in the days when he was a lecturer at Meridian Pre-University.

According to him, he played it safe and did not do it because of grades he will award.

He disclosed that, even though he chopped the girls from the University, the girls he chopped were not his students.

“You can chop the University girls but don’t chop your own students. What I did was simple. Let’s say if I lecture at Central University is a no-go area but I chop the girls from other universities. So, I was not the kind of lecturers who chop students and award them marks.” He told First Lady, host of ‘Time with the Stars’ show.

“As a lecturer, you may end up either dating or having problems, but you must avoid your students. I used to chop them but I am no more teaching. I am married now so I won’t ‘chop’ any lady when I get the chance. Although I was married back then, it was due to temptation from the University ladies.”  he ADDED.

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