Exchanging sex for favours seems to be the new order of the day. It cuts across both men and women.

Well fast rising Ghanaian actor, Anthony Woode isn’t ruling out the possibility of someday sleeping with a female producer for a movie role.

According to Anthony Wood, even though sleeping with female producers has not come to his table yet, he won’t hesitate when such an offer comes.
Most actresses in the movie industry have time without number lamented about how movie producers demand sex from them in exchange of movie roles.
This trend is very alarming and bad for the movie industry.

From the looks of things It seems talent is the second thing most producers and directors consider when casting people for movies,  you must be willing to be sexually involved if you want to make it to the top.

been exposed to this phenomenon but he wouldn’t rule it out completely.

Speaking to Zionfelix on Radio Universe he said;  “I may succumb to the pressure because it may be an important opportunity which needs to be grabbed”.

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