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30 years ago today, Microsoft started writing a new chapter in the computing world with its first version of Windows. On November 20th, 1985, Windows 1.0 was launched as a successor to MS-DOS. This new OS laid the foundation of many Windows features like scroll-bars, icons, dialog boxes, drop-down menus – and apps like MS paint and Notepad.
It wasn’t that impressive in looks, but the new graphical clock made it look cool. But, how did Microsoft advertise this product?

In its press release, Microsoft boasted and sold the new features:

Windows lets users integrate the tasks they perform with their computer by providing the ability to work with several programs at the same time and easily switch between them without having to quit and restart individual applications.
However, Steve Ballmer took the charge of selling the OS using his usual over-enthusiastic way of storytelling in a commercial. Grab some popcorn and enjoy this epic video.

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Photos :Check Out The Luxurious Limouzine That Moves Both On Land And Sea.



A new vehicle which is a combination of luxury and awesomeness has been designed.

What makes this vehicle awesome is the fact that it can move on both water and land. It’s a limousine when it moves on land and a Yacht on water. It is called Tender 33, the amphibious limousine by Nouvoyage and it costs approximately ($2 million).

The limousine is a spectacular 33 foot-long vehicle with the capacity to carry 12 passengers, 2 crew members and wheelchair access.

The Nouvoyage Tender 33 limousine can reach a top speed of 84 mph on land and 28 knots on water. It also has a controlled temperature cabin and toilet on board, this stunning limousine becomes the perfect vessel for those who wish to travel in style while their yacht is anchored at sea, away from the dock.

The limousine is one of the most exclusive amphibious vehicles in today´s market.

See more photo below:

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