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Ghanaian Female Celebrities Who Are Still Virgins (PHOTOS)



Contrary to the wide misconception among many Ghanaians that most celebrities because of their fame , money , and goodwill have many sexual acquaintances and thus, every celebrity is some sort of sexual demon or engaging in lot of sex.
There are many celebrities who obey the laws and rules of chastity, who we believe have never had any sexual experience before. therefore present to you Ghanaian female celebrities who we believe are Virgins.

Berla Mundi

One of the most respected female celebrities in the country. The TV and Radio Presenter stated that she’s still a virgin. She made this revelation on Delay’s show two years ago. According to she said “I’m 27 and still a virgin and the reason is simple I am waiting on God.” We believe that Berla Mundi is still waiting on God. She was rumored to be dating rapper EL. However, Just recently she was accused of sleeping with married men for favors by famous actress Yvonne Nelson who happened to be her very good friend. still holds the believe that Berla Mundi remains a virgin contrary to the wild accusations by Yvonne Nelson.

Mzvee Says She Is Still A Virgin

The first Ghanaian female BET Awards nominee. Another Celebrity Virgin. She announced that her virginity is still intact after being rumored on several occasions that she’s having several sexual encounters with music industry influencers especially her own boss Richie Mensah. She made the revelation amid laughter on the same Delay Show about a Year ago. The natural girl singer also said that she’s not in a relationship and that she wants to concentrate on Music.

Maame Serwaa

The Young Beautiful Kumawood Star Actress. “I am a virgin. I have seen men and have played with men but I don’t go to that extent of doing something with them. I have had a crush on several men in school, at home and in my line of work but that feeling ends there and does not move on beyond admiring them.” She said according to



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Do You Know Patapaa’s Girlfriend, Pata Pichy?



Do You Know Patapaa's Girlfriend, Pata Pichy?

Patapaa has stated that reports that he was dating a girl called Pata Pichy were false. According to him, the whole idea of Pata Pichy was cooked up by bloggers. Patapaa also told Delay that he is his type of girl
‘One Corner’ hitmaker Patapaa has denied reports that he was in a relationship with a lady named Pata Pichy.

According to Patapaa, he is currently not dating anyone and the reports were fabrications form bloggers.

Reports emerged on social media about a month ago that Patapaa had found himself a very beautiful girlfriend.

The reports which had the photo of a good-looking girl claimed that the lady was called Pata Pichy.

But speaking in an interview on the Delay Show, Patapaa pointed out that the rumour mongers were only using his association with Shatta Wale and his baby mama, Shatta Michy to project the so-called Pata Pichy on him.

“The bloggers always say Shatta Wale is my father, therefore, they try to associate everything about me to him,” he said.

Explaining further, he stated the photo of the girl which were going rounds were from a video shoot for a collaboration he did with a Liberian artiste.

“I went to Liberia for a show….there is this artiste who wanted to feature me on his song so he hooked up immediately he heard I’m in town.

“After our recording then he said we should shoot the video for it because I might not come back again to Liberia when he is ready.

Do You Know Patapaa's Girlfriend, Pata Pichy?

“He organised what will be needed for the shoot including the girls you saw me with on social media. I am not going out with any Pata Pichy,” Patapaa explained.

When Delay insisted that he mentions the girl warming his bed currently, a visibly uncomfortable Patapaa repeated that there is no one but he knows where to turn to when he feels horny.

“As an artiste or a footballer when you are on stage performing, you will definitely get a girl who will be interested to go to bed with you…so once there is a show I will get a girl,” Patapaa stated with excitement.

Patapaa, however, pointed out that considering his ‘tiny body’, it would be better if he got a very well endowed lady for a girlfriend.

And he looked no further than Delay herself saying she was his kind of girl.

Patapaa has been trending on social media since last Saturday’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

His inability to win the ‘Most Popular Song of the Year’ award and his outbursts after the event has been one of the highly discussed issues in Ghana this week.

One actress named Xandy Kamel even offered to give Patapaa a good time in bed for him to keep quiet.

But it looks like Patapaa is more interested in ‘bigger’ fishes like Delay than Xandy.

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