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We weren’t really surprised when a source made this revelation to us, as it is something many of our female celebrities do on the daily basis just like many other average girls who allow themselves to be bonked in exchange for certain favors from men.

The thing about being a celebrity is that, people expect you to exhibit some kind of lifestyle as many assume every celebrity is rich. The reality is that, most of these celebrities you see are poorer than you because they don’t really make that much as it’s being perceived by many.

In an attempt to live the life and excite the public, that it pays to be a celebrity, most of these female celebrities do all manner of things to live that lavish lifestyle.

According to, one female actress was recently taken to Dubai after being bonked by some rich man. The actress is said to be in a serious relationship already but still accepted the offer to be bonked by another man in exchange for some few days in Dubai.

The said actress flaunted the lavish style on social media.

Our source revealed the name of the said actress to us, but we want to hesitate as, we are yet to hear what she had to say.

It’s obvious, no celebrity will admit to something like this, no matter how true it is and we are not really bothered.

Stick and stay, in due time, we would expose the name of the said actress here on the blog.

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Bullet Knows Something About Ebony’s De@th And Wendy Shay Must Be Careful’– Says Prophet (+VIDEO)



A man of God known as Prophet Stephen K Adom has cautioned Uber Driver hitmaker, Wendy Shay to be careful if she doesn’t want to end up in the grave like Kupe star, Ebony.

According to him, people have been looking at the wrong places to find out what killed Ebony whilst the answer is glaringly right in front of us.

Prophet Adom said;

“Bullet must be asked where he took Ebony to?. Why was the girl fetching him so much money?

Bullet is now nurturing Wendy Shay and if she s not careful, she will be the next”.

The man of God, in a viral video we sighted also added that if care is not taken Ebony’s younger brother will also lose his life through Bullet.

Watch the video…

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