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MUST READ: Meet the man that rised from nothing to something



Meet the man that rised from nothing to something


Many people have failed in this life due to some circumstances. But no matter the struggle, this young man never gave up. From nothing to something, Kwesi happens to be a smart young man who have faced instances when growing up. A prayerful and well-mannered young guy, he never gave up but rather, he focused on what he wanted to achieve in life. He’s a real dream chaser.

Practically not everyone is feeling the economical heat that most people are crying of in the nation.

We have a brother who happened to spend over a billion Ghana Cedis, an amount that can change a lot of lives in this country. For some reason we can’t disclose the actual amount but believe us, it’s a huge sum of money.

His name is Kwesi Appiah Danquah with the nickname California, call him Carli for short. A 26 year young man who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Young Brothers Collections. 

He is also known for his good heart by giving to the needy. Kwesi does a lot of donations and there is a saying that, ‘To give is better than to receive’.

The lucky woman who happened to win this jackpot of a husband is Georgina Appiah Danquah.

Oh! He even hired an entire army sector for his wedding and Bentley’s were all over the place,such a classical rich wedding the lady did a good job to grab this rich stud.

Over thousand friends were present at the ceremonial event.

We here at XBITGH MEDIA are amazed and we want to know what you think as well.

You can locate Young Brothers Collections at Olympics Road, Kokomlemle, Accra – Ghana. Call them on +233548230298 (Referred by

Check out the photos from the wedding ceremony and how they spent their honeymoon in Dubai.12516325_10208943040683653_2033312692_n

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‘Find yourself a job and stop criticizing Shatta Wale’- Rosemond Brown jabs Achipalago



It has become apparent that Kumawood actress and video vixen, Rosemond Brown does not want the ‘moments’ to slide without getting involved and putting herself in the spotlight.

In the ensuing war of words between friends-turned-enemies; Shatta Wale and Achipalago, the actress has cautioned the latter to get preoccupied with a job so he would stop insulting Shatta Wale any chance he gets.

Rosemond’s warning is in response to attacks the ‘Ayo’ hitmaker has suffered after he innocently shared a video himself getting a haircut in the salon.

The video went viral for the wrong reasons as many are mocking Shatta Wale for having eczema around his neck area.

In the video, Achipalago wondered why Shatta Wale, who flaunts his wealth on social media could not afford to acquire good skincare products.

Rosemond Brown however thinks, Achipalago’s concerns reek of jealousy and has adviced him to find something better doing with his time.

She went on to caution him to desist from commenting on issues relating to Shatta Wale and asked that he gets a job to while away the excess time he obviously has.

Watch the video below:

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