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Eugene ‘Choirmaster’ Baah after ten years of
making hits with his former group Praye in an
exclusive interview has told
Abdullai Isshak his plans for his 30 track
album, how he switched from rap to singing
and how he wants to be remembered.
When did you record your first song?
I first recorded my demo at the KACE
Frequency Studios with JMJ in Asylum Down.
Keteke, NFL, Sidney and other hit artists
were always around the studios when I started
recording. I remember Appietus was also in
that same studio. I hustled to get money to
record one song before KG of KGPM found
Hammer of the Last to record them. Because
we knew each other, they called me to come
to the recording session; so it was then that
Hammer realized I had talent and he advised
me to try and put out an album.

So my first opportunity on a song was Emiribi
B3ba with KGPM which featured Obrafour in
Dasoman (King Solomon). That studio
belonged to a gospel group but that’s where
Hammer recorded Deeba and other acts that
went on to change the game. But before that I
had some singles and they were all rap music.
I started as a rapper but in my third year at
secondary school, that was when I got that

After that I went quiet a bit because I started
working in a church. Later on, I met a friend
from my school days who was into computer
stuffs and could programme kicks and I could
play keyboard and guitars and so he played
the kicks and I put in the keyboards and
guitars. That was the collaboration I was
doing till I met Tiatia and Tintin in the same

I love music but my father was an elder in
the church and he spent money to hire people
to teach me how to play the instruments. I
also learnt a lot from the church music
department and so I felt I owed the church
something and had to serve them. Even now, I
still go to church and play in church.
Who were your earlier influences?
I started listening Angelique Kidjo, Shaggy ,
Reggie Rockstone and more and my big
brother was in Germany then and used to buy
me songs of Manu Dibango and other
international artist.

At what point did you switch from rap to
singing then?
I can’t really say which point I switched from
rap to singing but what I know is that I did
both as I moved along. I sing when I needed
to and rap when I had to but I think after I
won the NesCafe competition with Praye
that I really moved to the singing more. At
the time I realized singing will help me more
because the more I soaked myself into the
singing I could understand music more
because anybody at all can join words
together and make rap. And there was a
rapper in the group, so it was okay to just
sing and allow space for another person to

How ready was you when you decided to
branch out to pursue your solo career?
We were doing individual stuff before we
joined talents to enter the competition. So we
had in mind that at some point we were going
to go do some solo stuff but we didn’t know
when. But the switch from group to solo was
unexpected for the fans and us the group

But I for one felt ten years in the group had
strengthen me to face the industry alone. And
so even though there were some difficulties,
you are now moving into a new project, and
most people who invest into our career in the
past wanted to be sure if this this new path
was going to work. So looking for investors
was hectic but in the long run I was able to
land Blue Rose Entertainment.

This solo effort is the same as introducing a
new brand to the audience, so you really need
to sit back and plan and prepare. I didn’t
have that luxury but with hard work and
prayers we are building the Choirmaster
brand gradually.


I am an Article writer,Promoter Publicist & Dj. I love listening to music & playing of Games.I have high sense of humor

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