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‘Error of leadership’ is cause of Ghana’s woes - Mensah Otabil ‘Error of leadership’ is cause of Ghana’s woes - Mensah Otabil


‘Error of leadership’ is cause of Ghana’s woes – Mensah Otabil



An ‘error of leadership’ committed by Ghanaians, especially Christians is the main cause of the numerous problems facing the country, Pastor Mensah Otabil has said.

The Pastor and motivational speaker argues that persons who have no business being in business are now at the helms of affairs in the country and are making decisions for persons who know better and have proven beyond every reasonable doubt to be great performers.

“The problem of Africa is because folly is set in dignity and the wise have been reduced to nothing. People who have no business telling anybody anything shoot their mouths everyday and people who have something to say shut up every day and the rest look on”, he said during a recent sermon.

The current happenings, he said, are akin to the parable of Jotham in the Book of Judges when the olive, fig and vine trees which are of much economic value in Israel’s society declined to be the king of trees. Bramble, which is a shrub and has thorns all around it offered to be king and provide shade because the more quilified trees turned down the offer.

In today’s Ghana, this is equivalent to the decision by professionals, religious persons and persons with specialist knowledge in various fields to keep quiet and contribute little or nothing to national decision making.

Quoting from English Playwright and Literary legend, William Shakespeare’s drama, ‘Hamlet’, the founder and leader of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) who was preaching the second part of his sermon titled, ‘In the corridors of power’, chose to delve deep into the problem of Africa and Ghana and seek answers to the question of why the nation is ruled by persons who are ‘under-achievers’.

These persons who ‘should have shut up’ are now ‘shooting their mouths’ dictating the pace of the world systems to suit their whims and caprices leading to the celebration of mediocrity over excellence.

“It is very interesting that many people who step into the corridors of power are not fit to walk in those corridors. People who influence our world mostly are people who have no business influencing anything because they are not good examples themselves; many of those who determine how we live our lives have been failures in their own lives…,” he said.

The man celebrated as one of the most influential persons in the world suggested that these ‘errors of leadership’ are occurring as a result of “foolishness being dignified and skills devalued.”

“The reason folly is set in dignity is because the righteous allow it to be so. Those who know what is right back off the corridors of power because of the risks and dangers,” he said.

An understanding of the ‘folly in the world system’, the man of God said is important if Christians are to work to transform the system which they have separated themselves from.

To the man of God, it is now time for Christians to help build the society they desire instead of being mere spectators.

“In the past, Christians have pulled away from a lot of the systems but we have to find a way to step into it and redeem it…we have to step into the corridors of power and not just stop reading and watching them,” he argued.

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Revealed: Why UK freed Nayele Ametefe after serving 3 years of her 8-year jail time



Nayele Ametefe jailed 8 years

Drug Queen Nayele Ametefe has been released from jail having served only three years out of her 8 and a half years sentence for narcotics peddling and trafficking.

We learnt she was released days ago on parole for showing extraordinarily good behaviour throughout her 3 years in prison, even though she has 5 and a half years to go.

Parole is a temporary release of a prisoner who agrees to certain conditions before the completion of the maximum sentence period, originating from the French ‘parole’.

The Ghanaian who also hold an Austrian passport pleaded guilty to carrying 12 kilos of cocaine to the United Kingdom was been sentenced to eight years, eight months’ imprisonment.

Nayele Ametefe was sentenced on her own plea by the Isleworth Crown Court in London. The sentence was discounted because of her early guilty plea. Nayele appeared in court well dressed and looked indifferent when the sentence was handed down on her head.

The prosecutors told the court Nayele had $23,000 and an additional 6,000 Pounds in her handbag when she was arrested. The money was payment for her courier services.

According to the prosecutors, Nayele Ametefe was carting the cocaine to South America. Her travel itinerary, the court was told indicated that she was leaving the United Kingdom two days after her arrival, for the Dominican Republic.

The 12 kilograms of cocaine was, therefore, not meant to be consumed in the UK.

In his submission for mitigation, lawyer for Nayele told the court she came from an underprivileged home and married a spare parts dealer at Ghana’s famous spare-parts market, Abossey Okai.

She has three children, the first being 16 years old. Her marriage broke down and she has been a single mother.

According to the lawyer, Nayele came into contact with powerful people in 2004 and her life changed dramatically. She travelled extensively with influential people as their companion.

The lawyer said Nayele has remained connected to powerful people in authority who are currently in power in Ghana.

She was forced by circumstances to engage in transporting drugs to support her newly attained high-class lifestyle and to take care of her three children, the lawyer said.

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