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Some Ghanaian hiphop artistes are not content with a story ” which names six of Ghanaian hiphop musicians as people who have wasted or wasting their time in the music industry”.

The writer, Osarfo Anthony in his list mentioned Scientific, Jay So, C-Real, A.J Nelson, Kweku T and J-Town as Ghanaian hiphop artistes he thinks are wasting their time.

After this publication received serious attention on major entertainment platforms in the country, rappers E.L and Jay So who had a nod in the list of Osarfo Anthony’s six hiphop artistes who have wasted or wasting their time have expressed their displeasure.

Hip hop artiste E.L whose name was not mentioned wrote:

Who said hiphop artistes in Ghana are wasting their time? Comments such as this just goes to show how weak minded some of our journalists are These kinds of ‘writers’ are the root cause of why the Ghanaian music industry will forever languish in mediocrity.

It pains me that we are forced to engage you on such an ignorant statement. Do your research before u pick up a pen to spread your shallowness”.

If you could fathom the level of intelligence that Jayso, XO, C-Real, J-Town Ect invest into their creative processes you wouldn’t write this BAR Concert is Coming. Come be enlightened“.

Before E.L, Jay So had gone on twitter rant educating the writer on some of the achievements of Ghanaian hiphop artistes.

Anita of HitzFM called me[Jayso] about some article in a local newspaper disregarding Ghanaian Hip-Hop artists. Basically the author is saying Hip-Hop artists in GH are talented but wasting their time and went further to advice upcoming GH artists to avoid Hip-Hop

Anita wanted to know my take on it. I told her I cannot speak on the views of some random writer who works for some random newspaper. However, I acknowledge the fact that many other people are of this view.

This topic is nothing new. We (The Skillions) have been hearing this since 2001. I understand the root of this misconception, let’s speak. First off, it’s 2015. And no matter how you feel about the status of the Hip-Hop artists mentioned. Fact remains, we are still here.

Don’t get me started on the things we have done & continue to do for this industry. I won’t speak on my achievements cos that’s wack. But I’ll speak on the Legends I know.

First off all, you are in Ghana thinking Scientific fell off? Laughable. Dude’s been bagging awards in his home country Liberia. Best Hip-Hop artist, best album.

He brought you “Africa Unite”, “Nothing Without You”, performed on the same stage as Jay-Z but y’all don’t wanna give props. Cool. Need I speak on Jay Town‘s achievements? The 1st emcee to represent GH @ the ChannelO emcee Africa Battle? His track record is nothing short of epic but y’all don’t wanna give props.
I asked Anita one question. “Since people are so bent on discrediting hip-hop I wanna ask, who’s our biggest artist today?” And why was his name not included in the list of Ghanaian Hip-Hop artists “wasting their time”? only dream of. How did he do it? Hip-Hop music. Again, doesn’t matter how you feel about it. Fact remains, he’s Hip-Hop. Ok? Let’s speak.

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