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President John Mahama has told opponents who say that they cannot feel the positive result of the growing economy “in their pockets” that he, as the head of the nation, cannot individually go round the breadth and length of the country placing money into people’s pockets, further adding that such opponents can fill their pockets with cash by taking benefit of the chances that prosper in the successful economy.

Answering to a question to the media on Thursday April 21, about opponents saying they could not realize the positive change of the growing economy in their pouches, Mr Mahama, who is on his ‘Accounting to the People’ tour, stated, “The fact is, when you speak about the economy, what the economy fixes is, it produces opportunities for people, and, so, you would see that as the economy develops, it throws out natural employments that people can take benefit of. But if you do not have the abilities, or you do not have the ability to take advantage of an increasing economy, then you will not realize it in your pocket.

“…The thing is, if you round about ‘feeling it in your pocket’, it doesn’t mean that the president is going to come from home to home and calculate money and give it to everybody to kept it in his pocket. The economy will deliver the opportunities, but it’s for the public to take benefit of it.”
Mr Mahama explained, The same thing I just supposed about cocoa production …we are increasing about how many thousands of seedlings of cocoa in the northern Volta area; Government is doing its bit: we are making available the seedlings out for free and we are giving all the ideas, agricultural growth advice, and everything for free, and, so, if the chiefs give the fresh people the land, then we can produce cocoa and the young people can take benefit

. …One of the farms has crop up in the North Tongu area…and that farm, only, is employing nearly a thousand young people, rapidly, to work, and, so, these are things that are occurring. But if everybody is sitting with his hands crossed and saying that: ‘Oh, but if they say the economy is growing, why am I not feeling it in my pocket?’ you need to get up and take advantage of the opportunities that the economy is creating and that is how money comes into your pocket.

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Sad Day As Ghanaians Bid Ebony Reigns Goodbye Forever



Sad Day As Ghanaians Bid Ebony Reigns Goodbye Forever

Today, March 24, 2018, will go down as one of the saddest days in the life of some Ghanaians, and the Ghana Music Industry.

The late Ebony Reigns will be laid to rest today at the Osu Cemetery after a funeral service to be held at the forecourt of the State House in Accra.

Ghanaians will miss the 20-year-old musician who took the music industry by storm within a spate of two years.

Her hit songs ‘Maame Hw3’, ‘Hustle’, ‘Sponsor’, and the many others are still enjoying massive airplay.

Despite all the controversies that surrounded her short but successful career, Ebony was focused, and never shifted from her career dream. Who would not miss Ebony?

She died painfully on February 8, 2018, on the Sunyani-Kumasi Highway in a gory accident which also claimed the lives of her bodyguard, and personal assitant.

Meanwhile, the bodyguard, Lance Corporal Vondee Francis Atsu, was buried yesterday, March 23, 2018 in Mafi Adidome, in the Volta Region.

Franky Kuri was buried earlier in March.

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