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Bulldog Discloses The Truth About His Relationship With Shatta Wale Now



10 Times Bulldog And Shatta Wale Looked Inseparable

Leaked Audio: Shatta Wale to frame a rape case against former management member?

Bullhaus Entertainment Creative Director, Bulldog in a rare interview has thrown some light on the erstwhile radio conference his former artist Shatta Wale had.Speaking on Peace FM, Saturday, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson responded a few questioned posed by the presenter regarding his relationship with the SM god.
Do you still work?

Bulldog: We don’t work anymore.

Do you miss him?

Bulldog: Why not? You see, I’m an artist by profession. I sketch, draw and paint and he is my work of art. What I mean is he is my sketch, painting, work and I’m part of his success because I contributed to his success. So obviously, you are part of something, it will be very unreal to start fighting and hating each other all of a sudden.

Are you able to pick your phone and call Shatta Wale?

Bulldog: No. No.. No… I wouldn’t do that. There would be nothing to talk about.

You talk to Socrates who is a member of the team now, so why can’t you speak to Shata?

Bulldog: What happened coupled with his press conference; you heard it and the rants after the press conference. May be if I call him and he picks up what will he say?

Does that mean you are not friends anymore?

Bulldog: We are not friends anymore.

Are you enemies?

Bulldog: No. I don’t make enemies.

If Shatta walks into you and greets, how will you react?

Bulldog: May be there will be no reaction. If he says Hi, maybe I wouldn’t say Hi back. It’s a natural human thing and because of what he said publicly about me. I have never said anything to ridicule him or anything negative about him. I don’t hate him but I might hate his attitude.

Are you not part of his attitude? Because you supported his attitude when you were with him?

Bulldog: If you invest in an individual; It could be money, time or sweat. You will not sit down idle for the thing to flop. If anyone wants to attack Shatta Wale and I work with him I will defend him. That’s why I was everywhere. I was everywhere taking the bullets and bombs. What I was doing was work and I was a laborer of love. When I do my work I do it with everything I have. I don’t do things in halves. I had a history before him. Every temperament that comes to me, I have to work with it. If it’s rowdy, if the artist is gun-puller, I will work with it. I won’t leave my work hanging. When he did the press conference and said I followed him like a body guard. I was really happy because we are seated here this afternoon because the arm forces are working hard to keep us safe. Once I’m a bodyguard and I can give him peace to work. I was not offended. There was something in the press conference that I felt bad about, that I threatened him – that was like he wanted to put me behind bars. You were looking for a problem for me.

Derrick Asare is an Editor for Xbitgh. He love Music, going to the movies, making friends, web designer, computer science major.

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I’ve not bleached; US weather lightened my skin – Nana Boroo



I’ve not bleached; US weather lightened my skin – Nana Boroo

Hiplife artiste Nana Boroo has broken silence on recent talk about his lightened complexion.

The issue popped up after a picture he took at actor John Dumelo’s wedding went viral. Most people who saw the picture, said he was bleaching his skin.

But in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the ‘Aha Yede’ hit maker said he was not bleaching and that his light skin colour was genetic.

“I have not bleached. Anyone who knows me and is close to me will testify that in my family, we are light skinned,” he said.

“And you know being fair is expensive, it is not easy, it comes with its own issues. I should be able to take care of myself and get my complexion right but that does not mean I apply bleaching creams,” Nana Boroo added.

He further stated that another reason that might have contributed to his lighter skin colour is the fact that he had been living in the United States of America for a long time.

“I just got back from the United States after staying there for a long time so you know, the weather and all got my skin looking lighter. It will, however, get back to its normal state after a while,” he noted.

Nana Boroo, real name, Nana Osei Bonsu, shot to fame in 2009 with his hit single, Aha Yede. He also has other songs like Bolinga, Bebia Soso and Big Mama.

He recently released a song titled ‘Broken Heart,’ a true life story of how a woman broke his heart.

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