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We are raising money to chase Sarkodie in court over Jennifer Lomotey case – Krobo Youth



Few months after serving rapper Sarkodie and Kurl Songx a letter of their intent to sue them for denigrating Krobo women in their ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ song, Kloma Hengme has spoken.

In a statement dated 29th August, 2017, the Krobo youth association who had expressed their displeasure at lyrics of ‘Jennifer Lomotey,’ detail what has ensued between the two parties so far and their next line action.

Read the entire press statement unedited:


On Wednesday June 14, 2017, Krobos led by the Kloma Hengme Association, took a bold and major step to fight one of the age-old albatrosses which have been hanging on the neck of the Krobo nation for centuries now__ A continuous defamation and denigration of Krobos & Krobo women as a result of an alleged and unsubstantiated curse by one Okomfo Anokye.

On the said Wednesday June 14, 2017, a ”NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SUE” was served to Sarkodie and two others over the role they played in denigrating, assassinating and corroding the image of Krobos and Krobo women through a new song they composed ”Jennifer Lomotey”.

In the aforementioned legal document, We were demanding 6 reliefs. We gave Sarkodie and Co ONE WEEK ULTIMATUM to respond to those reliefs or they will meet us in court.

In response to our ultimatum, the legal team of Sarkodie, Kaywa and Kurl Songx met with Kloma Hengme on two Consecutive occassions. The first one was 6 days after the ONE WEEK ultimatum (Tuesday June 20, 2017). And the second meeting also took place on Wednesday June 28, 2017. Both meetings took place at the Errata Hotel, Accra.

The Konor of Manya-Klo, Nene Sakite II, at both meetings delegated his State Linquist; Otsame Narh Huapoyu II, and another Krobo Stateman; Joseph Tetteh, to be part of both meetings at Accra.

It is important to note that at the Second meeting on the Wednesday June 28, 2017, both Sarkodie and Kurl Songx, and their Personal and Events Managers took part in the meeting. Their Lawyers argued that their presence at the Meeting ”Is a sign of Humility and Respect to the Krobo people”.

Our lawyers are Dr Kwadwo Appiagyei-Atua; an International Human Rights Lawyer and Senior Law Lecturer of the Law faculty of the University of Ghana, and another associate lawyer, Lawyer Faroukh Seidu of Ibada Chambers, Accra.

The Lawyer for Kurl Songx (Kelvin) & Kaywa is Nana Fredua Agyemang.
And the lawyer for Sarkodie is Cynthia Quarcoo, a lady.

Brief details of the two meetings

In summary, at the end of two meetings they convened with us, they said they cannot apologize to us Krobos publicly.

They said that as much as they are willing and as hard as they have tried, they dont think they will be able to meet our demands and that should not to mean that they are being disrespectful to the Krobo people.

They stated emphatically that apologising would mean that they have accepted the accusations levelled against them as being right. They also said that accepting to do our bidding could pave for the way for us to make further demands…and that ”Meeting our demands would be tantamount to stifling creativity”.

Music, they added, was supposed to, among other things, raise societal issues for discussion and that is all their clients had done.

They believed that their clients had not infringed on any laws being it defamation or discrimination.

They further added that there is no way they could expunge the lyrics because a lot of investment had gone into the song and as such meeting our demands would only cripple the new artist.

They said the best they could do, would be to state that defamation was not the intention of the track, and apologise to the Kloma Hengme and Krobo representatives at the meeting, and not a public apology as we wanted.

Kloma Hengme lawyers

Our Kloma Hengme lawyers however kicked against the ”Close door apology” they preferred to render. Our Lawyers argued that the song had been heard beyond the walls of the room (where the meeting was being held) and so no closed door apology would be accepted.

They (Our lawyers) also stated as much as creativity had to be respected, there had to be a limit on what could be considered as creativity, and issues of this nature cannot be counted as ”creativity”.

Our Kloma Hengme lawyers concluded that since the image and dignity of the krobo people was tied to the song, and since they had taken an entrenched position, we were left with no choice than to pursue the case in court.

Our Stand, the legal fee and other matters


The case in question, as we all know, is a high profile case. And as such the legal fee involved is a very huge one than we anticipated.

The association is currently doing everything possible to raise the legal fee to seek justice for Krobos, Krobo nation, Krobo women, our children and progeny.

This is for our information.



August 2017


About three months ago, Kurl Songx, winner of MTN Hit maker 2016 released a single titled ‘Jennifer Lomotey.’ The song which featured Sarkodie has been under criticism by a section of the public who believe a portion of Sarkodie’s rap is demeaning to Krobos.

In the song, Sarkodie raps: “Kr?b? nii baa papa a ahwene? da ne sisi. ?k?mfo An?kye de adwaman no ab? ne dua.” This literally translates as “A good Krobo lady with beads around her waist. Okomfo Anokye has cursed her with promiscuity.”

Okomfo Anokye is great priest of the Ashanti Kingdom who is believed to have cursed Krobo women with promiscuity.

‘History’ has it that some Krobo girls got cursed by Okomfo Anokye with promiscuity because they had seen his nakedness when he was bathing by the riverside.

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Bugri Naabu has never slept with me – Diamond Appiah fights back



Entrepreneur and failed Parliamentary candidate, Diamond Appiah has debunked reports that she was used and dumped by the Northern Regional Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party.

An Instagram account by name “those called celebrities” alleged in a banter with Diamond Appiah that she was used and dumped by Chairman Bugri Naabu after he realised she was no more useful in bed because she had become too weak and wrinkled.

But responding to the allegations levelled against her, Diamond Appiah indicated that Bugri Naabu is and has been a family friend for a very long time and she was amazed seeing such a news item.

She said “Do u have an idea how long I and my family have known this man? Mr Bugri is a father figure to me and a very good friend to my Uncle the contractor. My family has known him for soo many years so never try to tarnish his image with your false publications. I hope you can see clearly that we attended an event together so there is nothing true about the lies being concocted by you and that useless roasted plantain skin NDC girl behind it”.

Diamond indicated that the reports were lies as her opponents wanted something against her to tarnish her hard-earned reputation.

Read What She Wrote

I wanted to ignore the lies that Nigerian NDC unprofessional blogger Attractive Mustafa published about me a few days ago but my noble family has urged me to defend my image and that of the other innocent party’s involved.

Attractive Mustafa the NDC blogger should be aware that nobody takes his concocted lies n publications serious in this country except the babies with sharp teeth gang. He was the same guy that did a video of that old irrelevant female raga morphian rascal musician who insulted our beloved President and said all sort of degrading stuff about him so wot publication can one expect from such a JERK.

Attractive u claimed “Mr Bugri Naabu has used and Dumped me” how can a father and an old family friend used and dump his daughter. Do u have an idea how long I and my family have known this man? Mr Bugri is a father figure to me and a very good friend to my Uncle the contractor.

My family has known him for soo many years so never try to tarnish his image with your false publications. I hope you can see clearly that we attended an event together so there is nothing true about the lies being concorted by you and that useless roasted plantain skin NDC girl behind it. The man doesn’t even know her n her envy is real. So tell her to come up with another lie. ???? ???? ???? Secondly my Fatherly relationship with the president has got nothing to do with Mr Bugri so stop lying about that too.

Mr Bugri was in the North doing campaign when I paid a courtesy call to the President. The other issue with that little girl called Maame Sika has been so misinterpreted. A lady of my class n status will never stoop low to fight a 20yr old girl over a man bcos my boo won’t even look at her twice. I received msgs from her friends telling me how she goes around bragging to them that she works at the flag staff house which was untrue. She is only an usher at the Banquet hall. So I found this quite worrying in decided to send a subtle warming to her to stop lying about her job status n also desist from using the President and Vice presidents name in vain concorting lies they have never said cos those lies were going too far n I even received some on my fon.

So I don’t understand why this mischievous blogger will twist and turn the story in such a distasteful manner.

Attractive u know me n could have contacted me to gets the facts about this matter before writing the rubbish u did. so one more fake article about me n you will see yourself in court answering questions u don’t have answers to. Gud evening Ghana


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