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Afia Schwarzenegger Was Sacked By Despite Group For Excessive Smoking And Drinking Afia Schwarzenegger Was Sacked By Despite Group For Excessive Smoking And Drinking


Afia Schwarzenegger Was Sacked By Despite Group For Excessive Smoking And Drinking + She Took Company Money For A Boob Job In South Africa + MORE



Afia Schwarzenegger had been off air for a while before she resurfaced on Angel FM/Tv, and despite many reports that she was sacked, Afia maintains that she left on her own volition. She said there was no ‘bad blood’ between her and the station but our source can confirm otherwise – Afia Schwarzenegger was SACKED by the Despite Group of Companies for a host of different transgressions. our source had a meeting at Ship House today and he has the scoop.

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I just left Ship House, housing Okay FM, Peace Fm and UTV for a meeting. And it has been confirmed to me that Afia Schwarzenegger has finally been SACKED.

Also, she was given money for medical treatment in South Africa after she told management she needed help–and guess what, she used it for a boob job. Now guess what, the aggressive weed smoker was finally dismissed because of her uncontrollable smoking and drinking addiction, which makes her unstable for the Despite Group of Companies brand.

From Okay and UTV to Angel TV; that’s what we call pathetic retrogression.
Boob Job and Insecurity are cousins. Afia, we missed it; you were taking your top off recently because you wanted to show us the Boob Job! Herh! Now you go see who go pay your debtors for you at Angel TV when they come to attack you at work!

Derrick Asare is an Editor for Xbitgh. He love Music, going to the movies, making friends, web designer, computer science major.

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Man Calls Hajia4Real An International Prostitute And This Is His Reason (Photo)



We Don’t Know the Fathers of the Children of these Ghana Celebrities

Today on Throwback Thursday, we are taking you to last year, when Mona Montrage, the then girlfriend (fiancée) of Ghanaian business man, Kennedy Agyapong (Kenpong) parted ways, which led to a tape by Amanda Acquah – who is now married to Ghanaian footballer, Afriyie Acquah. The tape, as many may be aware caused a stir in the media as Amanda accused Mona of sleeping around with many top footballers.

We are throwing back to revelations by a man called Adams who backed his allegations that Hajia4Real is an International prostitute with proof. He made a tall revelation on Facebook that awed everyone. Here is an unedited copy of it, directed at advising Kenpong:

Hey bro I saw you just posted a picture of Mona in your profile. Well I am not the usual type that comments on stuffs like that but just wanna let you know it’s never love. I was the first victim of Mona. I guess you know the story if we’re following my facebook in 2011. I was introduced to her by a friend and finally we got engaged. I paid for her school and brought her to the U.S. Her first time of coming to the U.S. and when she came over here, I bought her a Range Rover, you can still see that on my page. I spent a total of $100,000 dollars on this girl expenses. But then what happened, she didn’t even spend 6 months in my house. She left and start sleeping with taxi drivers with the help of Sirina Issah. So she is nothing but an international Prostitute.

My story is silent because I ain’t one of the guys who will like her downfall but before I brought her here for the first time, she didn’t have no high school certificate so she took about $5000 dollars to do a fake one and that was what she sent to the embassy.

What I went through with this girl, if I were to make it known on facebook, her life would have been over. I still have all the fake high school certificate she did in order for me to enroll her in to a school here. She was nothing.

You know I was born in tamale and I left Ghana when I was very young. Made a lot of money here in the USA and I wanted to get marry because of pressure I was getting from back home.

So a homie in tamale named Abdul basit Tuba Dagomba introduced her to me It was back in 2010. I was taking care of her, her schooling until 201. When she decided that she want to join me here in the USA. So as usual, our families got together for engagement ceremonies and I started her school procedures her.

Immediately she got here, she said she wanted to stay in Chicago so I went to Chicago met Sirina Issa Rented an apartment there for her I didn’t wanna quite my job in New York. So I was with her and Chicago and very monday I had to fly in to New York. That serious thing u got for her.
Then when ever I leave for New York she would go and be staying with taxi driver and smoke weed (that’s not a problem to smoke weed). Then sometimes she brings men in my house whiles I was in New York, they will smoke and sleep in my house. I didn’t believe it until when I bought a Range Rover for her and later they decided to send the car to exchange for cash and the car company called me.

I rush over to Chicago to talk to her and she got mad and moved out of my house to stay with Sirina Isaah. That was the end of the story, I tried many times to talk to her, and she wouldn’t return. Sirina Issah took advantage of my love vulnerability to steal a lot of money from me with the promise that they gonna let her come back to me

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