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Every man to his taste. However, the same as bitter taste disgusts most people, some women qualities work as a turnoff for all men. Those traits are so annoying that once the men detect them, they will do their best to get away from that woman. At Ukraine Dating Site we’ve decided to determine and describe five types of women whose personalities frighten the men away. This article will open women’s eyes to their mistakes giving them an opportunity to change their tactics.

The mercenary bitch

Women of this type want from their potential partner only one thing – money. Their aim is to net a rich husband who will totally provide for her. Right from the first meeting such woman will test the waters trying to figure out man’s financial state. Unfortunately, the statistics say that these days over 30% of women belong to this kind. Far from all the men can recognize such a woman at once. If a man really fell for a girl but she turned out to be a calculating type, he will find an excuse for each of her whims and actions. As a result, she’ll be the one who wins again.

The unapproachable Snow Queen

She can be easily spotted in a crowd: a fine body, an ideal posture, a haughty look, and too high self-esteem. She does everything to show the men that she is a hard nut to crack and only the bravest and the most creative guy can try to melt her heart. Men know that if they want to win woman’s heart, they should court her. However, they need to be sure that ultimately they get a kind, smart, and interesting girl. But if they try to win a woman whose conduct can’t tell much about the kind of a person that she is, they will get bored playing this game and lose interest in her quickly.Men try to avoid such “snow queens” not because they want to find somebody more approachable, but because they don’t want to get disappointed in women. They also don’t want to waste time on a woman who just pretends that she deserves more when indeed she does not.

The importunate chatterbox

The women of this type always want to be in the center of their men’s attention. An importunate woman will call and text her man all the time, excessively care for him making him want to escape to another planet from her so that never to see and hear her again. At first, she may seem nice: she is interested in everything connected with her man’s life; she wants to spend a lot of time together. In the long run, her man understands that she’s tiresome and there is no way he can get away from her.She’ll follow him everywhere even to the places where he doesn’t expect to see her. She’ll get acquainted with all his friends and shortly even with parents. It’s impossible to make her stop talking for a minute. A woman should have dignity and pride. She needs to feel when she should impose something on him and when she should take a step back.

The easily approachable girl

It doesn’t necessarily mean that these women dress in a slutty way and look like dolls. Very often, those are naïve, light-minded girls who firmly believe that if they offer or agree to have sex on the first date, they will kindle the passion in man’s heart and he will want to start a relationship with them. These girls can’t understand that they are one-night stands. They can’t say no if they see that a man is interested in them. Men try to avoid this type of women because they value their reputation and don’t want to be spotted with a girl with ill fame.

The hysterical girl

These ladies will always find an excuse to burst into tears and go off into hysterics from scratch. If she doesn’t like something, she resorts to cries, tears and threats. A girl who wants to play the role of a victim both bother and scare the men. The guys want to flee from this kind of women because they never know what’s on her mind.

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