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5 Hottest Ghanaian Musicians That Every Lady Is Crushing On (PHOTOS) 5 Hottest Ghanaian Musicians That Every Lady Is Crushing On (PHOTOS)


5 Hottest Ghanaian Musicians That Every Lady Is Crushing On (PHOTOS)



It’s one thing being a famous celebrity and another thing being a hot good looking celebrity.

If you happen to be a man , the ladies daydream and fantasize over you . Practically every guys dream — To be fantasied by women. takes a scope at the hottest male celebrities right now and why the women gasp for air just by seeing them.

Let’s proceed,

1. King Promise

With his lovely physique coupled by his handsome looks can make any woman commit the “cheat” sin. You won’t mind dropping your booo for a while just to have a taste of King Promise. We are aware that most ladies are going crazy in their bedrooms over King Promise and we are also aware that King Promise knows that he drives the girls crazy.

If by any chance, you have watched any of his musical videos, you would admit that he has very good chemistry with most of the women in there. From Selfish, Oh Yeah to Hey Sexy. I almost forgot his voice dexterity. His voice can make any woman melt like nkuto – Shea butter.

2. Kidi

Most girls won’t admit that they go wild by the sight of Kidi because Kidi prefers older women as he revealed in an interview sometime ago.

They won’t admit because they’re jealous and hurt since Kidi thinks older women are more matured in relationships than the younger ones. We hope to have very frank ladies who would agree to the obvious astonishing looks from his head to toe. Talk of six packs – Sorted.

Cuteness – Sorted. We believe that he’s quite comfortable in life too. Isn’t he the ideal man? Kidi is an MTN hitmaker winner and the man behind the very famous Odo song. “Me ano get 30 billion Odo yewu ee but I get so much love to give you. ”

3. Joey B

Tonga dey rhyme with? With his brutal lyrics on women, mercilessly eulogizing the elements of a woman makes him appear not so trustworthy. The ladies get me.

Even though he’s not a guy the ladies trust so much, he comes with elements most ladies love. He comes with the hot firm body , nice cute face, comfortably sorted in life, very creative and highly talented.

Hey ladies, we want to remind you that he’s also a star.

4. EL
E.L thanks EIB Network for BET support

His height is what makes the women scream. No disrespect but most ladies don’t like short guys. And EL is far from short, he’s some great six packs erh. Watch his Agbaa video.

Whilst we the lanky and pot bellied men had to try very hard to attract the attention of any woman, we believe that EL doesn’t have to go through any stress at all. He’s just noticed.

I have to hit the gym.

5. Kwabena Kwabena

Prepare Well And Call Me - Kwabena Kwabena To Vodafone Ghana Music Awards

He might be older than all the aforementioned Musicians but Kwabena seems to be very sweet and naughty . His lyrics and most of his songs confirms the assertion. His wonderful body, romantic lyrics and his voice texture makes the ladies giggle.

One thing is common in them all, they like singing about women.




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Nana Appiah Mensah calls Stonebwoy ‘lost sheep’ after quashing label confusion



Nana Appiah Mensah calls Stonebwoy ‘lost sheep’

C.E.O of Zylofon Media, Nana Appiah Mensah has described Reggae/Dancehall musician Stonebwoy as a ‘lost sheep’. He made the statement Friday, May 18, after quashing a confusion that recently erupted at Zylofon Music imprint.

Stonebwoy broke the news about the end of the confusion via social media yesterday and asked his fans to throw their weights behind the record label.

He shared a photo with NAM 1 with the caption: “At The End Of The Day Peace Will Prevail,Progress Shall Reign And All Things Shall Work Together For Good.. I’ll Borrow Words From This Noble Man @mn_appiah With Whom This Revolution started.. #GhanaShallProsper.

I’ll entreat All The Fans Worldwide Who Have Been In support All These while To Ignore All Forms Of Negative Sentiments And Continue To Show Love And immense Support To This Great Vision!!#BHIMNATION #ZYLOFONMUSIC“.

Nana Appiah Mensah, responding to this, compared the situation to the ‘Parable of the Lost Sheep’ in the Bible, indirectly referring to Stonebwoy as the ‘lost sheep’. He took to Twitter to say: “”…And who amongst us, blessed with 1000 sheep, when one goes missing…” refer; the parable of the good shepherd. JESUS CHRIST is the goodshepherd #ChristinyouthehopeofGlory.”

“…And who amongst us, blessed with 1000 sheep, when one goes missing…” refer; the parable of the good shepherd. JESUS CHRIST is the good shepherd #ChristinyouthehopeofGlory”.

Source :

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