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The proof keeps piling up that something special went on between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber during that Montage date night! Now? A sweet pic of the two hugging in the hotel bar! Click through to see!
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, you’re killing us here. In a new pic, seen on Lindsey Cavanaugh‘s Instagram on November 25, the two are hugging each other so tight! Click through to see for yourselves — is this the return of Jelena for once and for all?

How cute are Justin and Selena? During their now-infamous date night at the Montage Beverly Hills on November 20, they were captured on camera quite a few times in the act of some serious PDA. But this has to be the cutest instance. This appears to be post-serenade (and adorable head kiss), judging by the almost empty dining room. The maybe couple has their arms wrapped around each other python tight, Selena squeezing his waist, and Justin draped around her shoulders.

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The pic was taken by Lindsey, the same photographer who blessedly brought us the videos of Justin singing his love “My Girl” during their romantic date night. She was apparently close to the couple all night, and saw major magic happen! This is just the tip of the iceberg for their sweet rendezvous. They were also spotted slow-dancing to live piano, strolling around Beverly Hills hand-in-hand — and kissing by the elevator bank. All signs point to these two getting back together, but is it true?

Credit :Hollywoodlife

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Video: I Love Big Bananas – Kumawood Actress



Video: I Love Big Bananas – Kumawood Actress

Actress Louisa Adinkra has said as a woman, she loves big dicks hence reason why she got married very early.

According to her, there is no need wasting time on smaller dicks when she has come across one big dick that can service her and make her feel like the woman she is.

The actress who made this known to Tracey Boakye on the “Time with Tracey” show said “I want a natural B that is why they said I have rushed into marriage but for me, when I went and I enjoyed the man there was no way I was going to come back and enjoy smaller ones like you said before getting another big one. If you like something and you meet that man who can give it to you like never before, you need to stick to him”.

The actress also revealed in the interview that she loves sex and her love for the act is immeasurable.

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